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"Kathy Boortz:
In Plain View (a mixed media celebration of Texas backyard birds)"
"Lindy Chambers:
No Glass Slipper (living off the grid in rural Texas.)" Lindy Chambers will give a gallery talk on
Saturday, June 24, 11:00am. The exhibitions will be on view through July 22.
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Lindy Chambers
Your Stuff is in the Yard
oil on gessobord
Kathy Boortz' mixed media sculptures of Texas birds are envisaged from pieces of wood found on
her walks, developed by modeling heads in clay and welding legs in iron, then completed by
painting the whole. Boortz describes the way she begins, "When I hike, my eyes are often
downcast, feasting on the gifts of nature offered up by the natural world. Weighed down like a
peddler, I arrange and rearrange the treasures I gather till I reach my destination, my home and
studio, where I review and reassemble my stash, my prizes of singular beauty. The shapes I select
lend themselves to further interpretation, semblances of the animal world which I revere and
speak for. Some literally make themselves while others need tweaking but all in all, my aim is to
lovingly portray the beauty, the humor, at times the harshness of the fauna of our natural world."

Lindy Chambers began her trailer paintings in 2011, inspired by the rural “off the grid” lives seen in
the region near her Bellville, Texas, home. Beginning with thumbnail sketches and tonal studies,
Lindy assembles these trailers—entrenched with their animals, trash, electric wires, propane tanks,
and window units—into inventive, colorful compositions where dogs rule, and all strays are black.
Detritus is littered throughout, a nod to an earlier series of large scale paintings and assemblages of
non-biodegradable trash. She finds meaning in what others discard and overlook. Born in Jackson,
Tennessee in 1949, Lindy spent her childhood drawing and riding horses with her identical twin
sister, LeeLee. Marriage brought Lindy to Texas in 1972. She studied sculpture at the Glassell School
of Art in Houston and built a foundry where she cast her own sculpture for many years.
Kathy Boortz
Turn Off the Fan!  2017
18 3/8 x 5 1/4 x 5 7/8 inches