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"John Hartell:
Paintings (1955-1993)"
"Mark Messersmith:
Pay the Thunder No Mind –
Listen to the Birds, and Hate Nobody."
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John Hartell - Open Door 1984
oil on canvas
Valley House Gallery is honored to present a selection of paintings from the estate of American
artist, John Hartell (1902-1995). We were introduced to Hartell's luminous paintings by a tip from
a dinner guest at the home of his daughter, Dallasite Kay Cattarulla and her husband Elliot.
John Hartell taught two disciplines at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York: freshman architects
and graduate painters. He was a much-loved professor there from 1930 until his retirement in
1967; one of his most illustrious students is the architect Richard Meier. Hartell's first solo exhibition
was in 1937 at Kleeman Gallery in New York. He exhibited at Kraushaar Galleries in New York for
four decades, beginning in 1943. The Hartell Gallery at Cornell University, under the Sibley Dome,
is named for him. In describing John Hartell, the artist Michael Boyd writes, "He was engaged in
a kind of visual alchemy, where the visible world is transmuted into pure color and light, where
objects seem to condense out of light." John Hartell's daughters Kay Cattarulla and Mari Quint
will attend the opening reception.

Valley House Gallery presents our third solo exhibition for Mark Messersmith, a Professor at Florida
State University in Tallahassee. In lushly-colored paintings, Messersmith creates dense narratives
packed with animals, birds, plants, and insects that express his concern for the shrinking world
they inhabit. New to this exhibition are small paintings of birds. They are a dramatic shift in scale
from his monumental paintings which are embellished with carved pediments and predellas
that further the narratives and express his affection for Renaissance altarpieces and folk art.
Messersmith earned a BFA at Fontbonne College in St. Louis, and an MFA from Indiana University.
He was awarded the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation Award in Painting in 2006. Among
the many museums that have collected his works are the Art Museum of Southeast Texas,
Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, Musee du Haut-de-Cagnes, Ogden Museum of Southern
Art, and the Tyler Museum of Art. The exhibition title is adapted from a quote by Eubie Blake.
Mark Messersmith - Vigil 2016
oil on canvas