Discover Moscow’s Golden Apple:
The Golden Apple Boutique Hotel
by Christina Gaona

A twenty minute walk from Red Square – Moscow’s cultural Mecca and former royal citadel –
stands the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel.  The hotel’s 19th Century historical building offers
travelers a unique experience as they absorb the contrasting traditional Russian and modern
architectural stylings. Opened in 2004, the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel is the offspring of
renowned Canadian architect Raphael Shafir whose vision combines minimal décor and
subtle details. Bright neon lights, open glass panes, straight lines, and an entrance that
welcomes with a larger-than-life golden apple, speak to both the minimalist and the
avant-garde inspirations for the five-star hotel’s overall design concept.
The hotel boasts a five-star rating for its unique atmosphere and for its un-matched
service which offers travelers from across the globe attentive service and a truly
personalized experience. The seven-storey hotel’s upper public areas follow
monochromatic themes as each of the hallways is decorated in a different color.

These hallway colors are transitioned as accent colors in each of the hotel rooms,
which creates a conceptual linearity throughout the hotel’s interior design. Of the
92 rooms, the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel provides standard and suite
accommodations from Loft and Penthouse Suites to Deluxe and Standard Rooms.
Natural design elements – like wood, stone, and marble – also appear in each of the
hotel rooms and are a reflection of the building’s exterior façade. The true charm of
the hotel’s interior decoration, however, is the attention paid to small design details.
Carpeting that alternates an apple checkered pattern and small golden apple
centerpieces on each the hotel’s restaurant tables are delicate reminders of the
name and theme of the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel.
The hotel’s Apple Bar & Restaurant features gourmet Russian, Italian, and Japanese
cuisines and is frequented by local politicians, businessmen, and artists. A main
attraction is the restaurant’s window-lined walls which are transformed at night
by an enchanting apple-orchard printed screen. The screen, designed by a Bolshoi
theater director, has a dramatic effect on the both the hotel’s interior and exterior
vistas and is a central feature of the restaurant’s interior design.
. The Golden Apple Boutique Hotel offers other amenities including a Golden Apple
Club Floor for VIP, a complete spa and gym, and two private business meeting rooms.
Outside of the hotel, the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel is ideally located for tourists.
Tverskaya – one of the Moscow’s main shopping boulevards – is within a short
walking distance as are the famous Bolshoi Theatre and the Moscow Kremlin.
visit the Golden Apple Boutique Hotel for more information:
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