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Tony Collins
My work is driven by a keen desire
to convey my vision of art and a
strong passion to create.  

I have always found myself deeply
inspired by travel and the diversity
in culture and scenery as it unfolds.

I like to combine a bold palette of
colours with subtle and surprising
strokes to recreate scenes from my
travels over land and water into
thought provoking abstract

I also get a fantastic sense of self
when I am creating what I like to
call my ‘mindscapes’. These are
representative of thoughts and
emotions about people and
places; layer upon layer of feelings,
if you will. They are an abstract
representation of my soul’s journey
through life.
I was born in Australia and grew up in England.  I have travelled extensively
around Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia, and draw much inspiration for
my oil paintings from these travels.

Art has always been a part of my life. I became interested in drawing, painting
and constructing at a very early age, and was exposed to a wide variety of
techniques and media throughout my education.  I studied art, drafting, design,
sculpture, metal and wood working at Wymondham College in East Anglia,

Metalwork quickly became a favourite medium and I put this to practical use by
starting a classic auto restoration business in the Southwest of England. The
intensive sculpting and metalwork skills began to translate into beautiful yet
functional designs for furniture, store fixtures and other business applications, as
well as steel and aluminium sculptures.
I first visited the United States in 1994, and immediately fell in love with the culture
and way of life. Since being here, I've continued working in metal and design,
and own and operate a design/manufacturing business specializing in custom
architectural elements, store fixtures, home furnishings, signs and sculptures.

Although I enjoy working with a broad range of mediums including oil paint,
charcoals, pastels, intaglio and screen printing, steel, copper, bronze, glass, wood
and stone; my primary passion remains painting in oils.

I have exhibited my work in a variety of locations throughout the Dallas area, as
well as in Colorado and Oklahoma.
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