livingroom - before
updated exterior
updated dining, living and hallway areas
kitchen - off the hallway
What happens when you take a 2,000-square-foot 1948 mid-century modern home,
gut it, and add on an additional 2,000 square feet?
The result is not only an upgrade in space but also an upgrade in style.

When Tommy Bishop of Tommy Bishop ASID Interior Design first saw this Oak Cliff
redo, he was impressed by the space planning and the flow of the living areas.
But the original 2,000 square feet was insufficient to meet the owner's needs.
"The owner's goals were to utilize the interior and exterior styles of the existing    
mid-century residence," says Bishop, "and to incorporate these into the     
design of additional square footage for the home."
To accomplish this, architect Jeffrey
Brown of Brown Reynolds Watford
Architects, Inc. worked to completely
revamp the interior of the existing
structure, which now serves as
private living quarters, and to add
on an adjacent building for public
space. The two buildings are joined
by a contemporary  entry of stucco
and glass. The private area, with its
Zen-like peacefulness and retreat
quality, includes bedrooms, baths, a
private sitting area, and a home
office.  The newly constructed public
area offers two large entertaining
rooms surrounding a spacious island
kitchen. "The more informal areas of
the kitchen and family room can be
screened off by hidden translucent
doors when needed," says Bishop.
"I enjoy the simple elegance and richness of many of the materials that can be
utilized in modern design," he explains. Bishop's love for the modern aesthetic is
evident in this updated design, where shades of mid-century echo beneatha
clean contemporary slate.

Oak Cliff Upgrade by Tommy Bishop - ASID
by Amy Durham
"The architecture of the two buildings allowed for complete freedom in
designing the  interior spaces," he continues, "as few interior walls are structural."
Natural glass inspired Bishop to select natural and clean elements for the décor
as well. Walnut, glass, stone, and concrete compose most of the home's
surfaces. Wood furniture and earth tones set a welcoming stage for the
occasional red dining chair or contemporary orange ottoman.

Tommy Bishop ASID Interior Design
3878 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 100B130, Dallas, TX 75219. 214.526.1377.

Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc.
Dallas Studio 3535 Travis St., Ste. 250, Dallas, TX 75204. 214.528.8704.
The brightly lit gallery-like
interior is the perfect showcase
for the owner's contemporary
art collection, but the primary
artwork and color in the home
consist of exterior views. These,
along with Bishop's limited use
of hues throughout the house,
result in a sense of clarity and
centered calm.

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