at Zhulong Gallery through march 07
by Todd Camplin

Zhulong Gallery celebrates artists that are using new tools and media to make works of art and the show
with Matthew Plummer-Fernandez & Anne Katrine Senstad is no different. This unique Dallas gallery offers
this month; color gradient visual stimuli and some interesting ear candy. Simple and beautiful, I felt
calmed and relaxed by the atmosphere the art pieces seem to create.
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Anne Katrine Senstad blends a rich past of Modern art to bring color forward into twenty-first
century sensibility. Her minimalism is not the religious/spiritual style of Mark Rothko, James Turrell,
or even a Russian Suprematist like Kazimir Malevichven. I don’t really see the magical thinking
of Yves Klein in Senstad’s art. For Senstad, color relates to the experience of science and
psychology. These experiences are still transcendent, just not in the traditional understanding.
To flesh this idea out, observe COLOUR KINESTESIA 5B39 and look at how the color transition of
yellows just slightly runs throughout the piece. Senstad projects colors on architecture, she then
photographs the light, and finally prints the image. The art piece has a crisp border and a sharp
turn, which make the image quite graphic in nature. Her presentation of the print show a kind
of no nonsense, strict observation of light. However, stand and stare, you will feel your mood
slightly changing, because color affects our emotions. Let yourself spend some time on these
works and the science/psychology melt away somewhat. Leaving your own experiences
somehow, and heading away from the material and into the wonder that science has
revealed to us. Maybe not as lofty and transcendent as the Modernists were portraying,
but rather a more grounded, tangible experience.
To highlight the science/psychology Senstad explores, look and listen to the piece titled Sonoptic
Parallels which plays with sounds while color bars slowly change. In this piece she is helping the
viewer simulate the feeling someone with a type synesthesia might experience. People with
synesthesia associate/experience colors with numbers or in this case sounds.  
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Anne Katrine Senstad
CK5B39, 2013
C-PRINT, 50 x 60 inches
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Digital Native 1L (left) and Digital Native 6L, 2012
3D printed (plaster, ink, adhesive)
4.8 x 5.3 x 13 inches
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Still from We Met Heads On, 2012
Digital video (5:01)
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Digital Native 5, 2012
3D printed (plaster, ink, adhesive)
24 x 26 x 6cm
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez reaches far back into the tradition of pottery for his influence. His 3D printed
objects resemble pottery, but his process in making the pots is far removed from the past. Pottery has
several elements that are left to chance. The thickness and shape of each object a potter makes can
vary, even if the potter is making the same bowl over and over again. The glazed color of the bowl is
also affected by the firing, which adds a bit of randomness to the process. Plummer-Fernandez can
control all aspects of the process and each object can come out perfectly like the previous object.
His work process is likely a precursor for our future of creating home items. Plummer-Fernandez adds
a video element which seems to acts as blueprints to the actual objects.
Anne Katrine Senstad
CK2A9, 2013
C-PRINT, 20x24 inches
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Anne Katrine Senstad will be showing their colors till March 7th. Then
on March 14th,
Zhulong Gallery will have their next opening with Mark Tribe and a show titled New
Landscapes. I am excited to see these imaginary, yet realistic looking photos of aerial views of
the ground.