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at Circuit 12 Contemporary through May 7th
by Todd Camplin

Cult of Color, the title of the current group show at Circuit 12 Contemporary could have easily
been about process as much as color. Color doesn’t have to be explained, thus an easy read.
But I saw a great deal of deeper craft at work in this family of abstract paintings, and I asked
Circuit 12 owners a lot of questions about these artists and their processes.
Jacin Giordano’s color came from a process of building up layer after layer of paint then removal
through cutting and scraping. Some of Giordano’s work is built up with paint outside in the
elements. Nature and chance become part of his process. All of Giordano’s work is recovered to
make more work, so when he removes something from a painting, that part might end up in a
sculpture. Timothy Bergstrom made the bright impasto paintings where he laid plexy on top to
flatten the paint. Thus squashing and smearing the paint to form trippy psychedelic abstract
paintings. The colors were bright and caught your attention, but as you walked closer to the
paintings, you were floored by the process. I had to ask how it was made.
Installation View

Installation View
An artist I would like to see in a solo show is Lauren Silva. I get the feeling that a few examples are
not enough. Her work stood alone well, but it would be nice to see her paintings in conversation
with each other, rather than in a group show. Worth mentions was Arthur Peña’s paintings. I like
the repetitive mark making. Tomory Dodge and Ivan Gueorguieva round out the show with a
flurry of brush work. Dodge’s and Gueorguieva’s paintings felt more like collages than paintings.
Crowded and layered with objects, I could imagine these works pasted on rather than painted
on. Feelings, of course, are not the same as reality, because these works were clearly paintings.
Yet I still felt a relation to collage in these works.
Of course, I can’t write only about process. After all the show is about color. Cody Hudson’s
paintings are pretty straight up shape and color relationship. I didn’t linger much on his process
because his images were simple and direct. Stephen Ormandy had similar shapes as Hudson,
but the colors were more electric. When looking at Family Portrait, my eyes hurt a little before
I adjusted to the painted surface. Then the pain turned to pleasure in an instant. Lush and
plastic, Ormandy’s other paintings might have been more muted than Family Portrait, but
no less interesting.
Installation View
The Cult of Color will be up until May 7th. However, this weekend, Circuit 12 Contemporary is
taking the leap into the first Austin Art Fair . This new art fair will has 25 booths, will be indoors,
and will be next to the outdoor fine arts festival; Art City Austin.
Installation View