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the fall art season.
by Todd Camplin

This weekend is when many of the art galleries have their openings for the fall season. With
so many openings it is hard to see everything. I find it easier to make a short list of galleries
that are clustered together and hit them first. The far flung galleries are visited if I have
enough  time. However, during the Summer Gallery Days, I did the opposite. Although
I drove all over town, it felt more like I was on an adventure than a gallery hop. This fall
is packed with potentially good shows, but you have to see them in person to make
that determination.
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In the center of the Design District is the Mary Tomás Gallery. They will be featuring the works of
Donn Parr and Kenneth Schiano. Both artists take their inspiration from High Modernism. Parr is
more minimal and grounded on a particular subject matter. Schiano is more interested in formal
elements of line and form. These two should make an interesting pairing. Holly Johnson Gallery
features Tommy Fitzpatrick. Everytime I see a show by Fitzpatrick, he seems to take it up a notch
in skill and charged imagery. His use of reflective and transparent shapes as subjects in his
paintings make his architectural objects that much more delicious. His colors are as bright and
vibrant as ever. Next door to Fitzpatrick’s show is Cris Worley Gallery. I look forward to visiting
Trey Egan’s new work. He has been pushing to perfect his intuitive painting approach.
So, this next batch of paintings should yield some interesting pieces.
Compartment #21 (yellow);
5 x 5.75  x 2 inches

If you are in the mood for cleaver art, head over the Beefhaus. Located near 500X, they
feature work by Cassandra Emswiler Burd and Lucia Simek. I wish I could describe what is
there, but Beefhaus is unpredictable. Feeling put off balance is always a good thing in art.
Over in the Bishop art district, I want to take another crack as visiting Jen Mauldin Gallery.
During the Summer Gallery Days I came to look at their art before they opened for business.
This time I will visit them last, because I am interested in their two featured painters. I want to
give Haylee Ryan’s and Danny Rose’s work a closer look. I haven’t made up my mind, so I
have see the show in person to sort out my feelings.
September 9th is the opening for all these shows, but I have just scratched the surface on all
the openings. I will have to take on a second weekend of gallery going just to see all the shows
on my list.
Don Parr - Corsair II , 44" x 44" x 2"
Mary Tomás Gallery
Circuit 12 Contemporary Art once again surprises me with what looks to be an intriguing offering.
Graham Caldwell creates works that look like gems and crystals from another planet. These
pieces scream for me to give them a closer look. Over the summer I saw a great art piece by
Jen Pack at Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art and now she has a solo show. Her textiles
look like paintings and use the language of painting, so seeing more work by Pack should
be a real treat.
Tommy Fitzpatrick, Portico, 2017 - Acrylic on canvas, 32 x 40 in.
Holly Johnson Gallery
Dark Edges Collapsing, 2017 (right detail)
fabric, thread, wood - 61”w x 46”h x 3”d
Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art
Danny Rose - Spirit Sounds, 2017
Acrylic and spray paint, 34 × 28 in
Jen Mauldin Gallery