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Luke Harnden

Courtesy of the Artist and Barry Whistler Gallery.
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Two Stars Illuminate, Close Your Eyes Open…2016,
oil, graphite and charcoal on canvas
48 x 54 inches
Box Company is pleased to announce Borborygmi, An exhibition featuring new works by Dallas
based artist Luke Harnden The term “borborygmi” refers to the peristaltic rumblings of the
digestive system, which is often considered a kind of “second brain”. Harnden uses highly
intuitive, systematic, processes to break down worldly information into meditative works
that contemplate individuality, collectiveness, and the ambiguous distinction between
the visceral and cerebral modes of human being.

Presented will be a new series of works that are generated from photographic collages
alongside his paintings that utilize crude and physical algorithmic programs. These
paintings will act in conjunction with a new set of objects that incorporate subtractive
sculptural techniques and crude forms of mechanical reproduction to create pieces that
exist at once in their state of origin and in multiplicity.

Luke Harnden is a Dallas based artists whose varied practices include drawing, painting,
sculptural installation, video, and performance. Though much of his work is rooted in
materiality, he addresses concerns surrounding technology, mass media, and human

Accompanying Harnden’s work will be a small selection of six drawings by John Wilcox,
taken from an original grouping of seven. They are all similar in scale and tone and most
likely were done in California in 1981, where Wilcox spent two of his formative years. He
passed away in 2012.These works are in keeping with what would develop as a signature
style for Wilcox. A meticulous mark making built on a loose grid was something he turned
to often. In addition his often meditative approach shares some sensibilities with
Harnden’s work.

Both Luke Harnden and John Wilcox are represented by the Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas.