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Nic Mathis + Julie Libersat
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'phillips', acrylic, ink and enamel on canvas,
Nic Mathis

Nic Mathis confronts the challenges in his studio through his creation of paintings, assemblages,
and works on paper – working to find the coexistence between abstract thought, critical
analysis, and studio practice.  

In his current body of work, Mathis paints images of vacant clothing in an attempt to work
figuratively without the figure being present. Using a surrogate for the figure allows him to focus
on the medium itself but at the same time successfully attempting to evoke presence and
weight without the muddiness of overworking.  The paintings take on similarities to the use
of reflections and shadows in Mathis’ assemblage works – continuing the effort to create
something that holds weight in the psyche. His subject matter related to skateboard
culture is a throw back to the art of his youth.

'life is a highway', laser cut mylar,
Julie Libersat

Transportation and the concept of belonging have become central to Julie Libersat's work as she
travels and questions her own relationship to location. Feeling simultaneously at home and out of
place, she uses navigation motifs and transportation as both metaphor and process, to highlight
the ways in which the built environment directs orientations and cultural values. Through
architectural interventions, installations, and interactive projects, she investigates our embodied
perception of space—our lived, perceived, and conceived experiences. Libersat strives to make
immersive, interactive, and participatory environments that engage viewers and compel them to
observe ways in which space is socially and culturally produced. That is, as we construct spatial
meaning around the buildings and places occupied within memory, dreams and imagination; our
cities, neighborhoods and buildings reflect our personal, cultural and political histories and
imaginaries. In her recent work, she is exploring the language of symbols in safety equipment,
public space and transportation infrastructure.