The Index Cards: Vincent Falsetta
at The Reading Room, Dallas through December 31.
by Todd Camplin

Vincent Falsetta has work up all over town, but you will learn more about his process as an artist
through the show at The Reading Room, Dallas. 500x has a few painting studies on museum
board and Conduit Gallery has some of his paintings, but the show at The Reading Room has
row upon row of cards full of Falsetta’s thoughts and information on his art process.
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Once I visited Falsetta in his studio, which is a large barn behind his house. We talked about
his work for his up coming solo show (now past) at Conduit. He showed me his process cards
for his large and small paintings. Falsetta expressed that he saw these cards as individual art
works in and of themselves, and I have to agree. These art works are full of interesting moments
in his life as well as his process in making art. These cards are studies and not studies, because
the cards first act as helping him create his paintings, but then the cards become an archive
of Falsetta’s thoughts and a recording of a moment in time. The cards give you insight, but
like his paintings, there still is a mystery that shrouds the work. After all, these are brain storms
that don’t necessarily give a full picture. The mistakes are laid bare along with the successfully
implemented work. The notes don’t always add up to a clear picture.
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Full view installation of Index Cards, Reading Room
I imagine that the exhibition looks as if you stepped into a 1960’s Fluxus art show. Process was art