Art has always been a part of my life.  
My earliest exposure to art was my
great- grandmother who worked
with charcoal making squiggly lined
landscapes. We would sit side-by-
side creating art together and from
her came only words of
encouragement. I remember being
especially drawn to her colored
charcoal drawings, multitudes of tiny
colorful marks that created a scene.
Although our styles could not be more
different, color has stayed with me. Though
I have worked with both oil and acrylic paint,
oil is my choice of medium. The lushness that
comes from oil is irreplaceable. I prefer to paint
straight from the tube using a palette knife as
an extension of my hand, letting each color
determine what happens next.  Each color
has a different viscosity and when placed
on top of another reacts differently depending
on the amount of pressure applied with the
palette knife. Within each painting something
new is discovered  and inspiration is found.
My latest series expounds on my multiple layered paintings by scraping through and
manipulating the wet paint to form a mirage of tiny paintings within the canvas. With a
massive amount of leftover paint from the scraping, I will begin a new painting by building
texture from the latter…reduce, reuse, recycle
Typically, I will have at least five to
ten paintings working at a time on
various shapes and sizes of canvas.
Each painting inspires the next.

The ladder series coincides with the
scratch series. It deals with the loss
of someone who has impacted my
life. The technique is the same using
multiple layers of paint and color
as a metaphor. The ladder is the
last image to appear.

The thicker the paint, the better, this
is what my white paintings are about.
I begin by applying color after color
and then use white on top to “erase”
and build more texture. I will repeat
this process until I am pleased with
the end result.

I hope it is apparent to the viewer
that I am passionate and have fun
at what I do.
for more details:

Red Car Lot
Ladder for
1 x 1 Offset
Lego House
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Car Lot


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