Summer Series 11
at Haley Henman through August 27
by Todd Camplin

Haley-Henman Gallery mixes it up with another Summer Series. A rapid succession
of four this year, Summer Series 11 featured artists Pierre Durand, Brenda McKinney,
Bob Nunn and Krystal Read. Without a theme, memories and imagination seem
to thread the works together.  
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Bob Nunn - New Territory
Bob Nunn has been working in the Dallas “Deep Ellum” area for almost 40 years and 20
of those years in the famed Continental Gin Building where several notable Dallas artists
have their studios. When the Dallas Museum of Art opened a new wing, Nunn had
two works selected for the inaugural exhibition.
Bob nunn - Above it All
Krystal Read re-images memories through her works on paper, assemblages, sculptures,
and installations. Read’s art works are collages of fictional and fantasy stories of old
photos. As Krystal says, "when I am in a public space, I often invent lives for the people
passing by me or sitting near me". She has refined "people watching" and made it into
something more tangible in her work. Her discovery of old photographs in antique stores
allows her to create new stories from lost lives. Though she is not resurrecting the stories
from these images, she is giving them new life and a new consideration. Read, recently
finished her MFA from University of Dallas and has also exhibited internationally. With her
strength of concept and her technical ability, she is an emerging artist to be watched.
Horsing Around with the Past, 2011 - Intaglio with drawing and painting - 17 x 20 inches
With Pierre Durand’s dream like, surrealist based images and Brenda McKinney’s altered
books, which from my observation of her past work looks completely like it was out of her
comfort zone, Haley-Henman Gallery put together an interesting mix. The show will be
up until August 20th.
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