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Steve Prachyl

"Art in Brushed Steel"
The obsessive nature of my art lives loudest in the millions of lines I carve
into a slab of metal. I enjoy the sensation of becoming awestruck
at just how three dimensional metal can be when I step back,
to observe from various angles and positions these effects
generated by the refracted light.

Tripping out a bit at the thought, I realize optical art is brain candy.

Most often my imagery is inspired by the fleeting glimpse or a complete
realization of what I'd like to see which leads me to the creation of the
image in real time, with real materials and real processes. Often my
art work becomes an experiment; testing and trying to achieve the
illusive imagery or memory present in my minds eye.

My intent is that the viewer should get a chance to drift off into
hypnotic thought, perhaps into a trance like state. Or at the very
least achieve a sense of euphoria.
"Every piece I make starts out titled "simple motion study" Always following the
same rule, "use fine abrasives on a grinder and one rectangular sheet of
aluminium", I more or less sketch on the surface of the metal. Creating three
dimensional sculpture under the guise of two dimensional drawing. I am
searching for crisp form, distinct movement and fast flowing line."
"Better still, I want my work to generate an immediate sense of movement,
with a tinge of vertigo as the ultimate goal."
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