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muse by sisa jasper
Sisa often works closely with homeowners in selecting or creating art for their homes.
“Art is such a personal thing,” she says. “I definitely support people to buy art that
speaks to them in some way. Are they buying it because it moves them or are they
buying it because it matches the couch? It’s great if you can do both.”

When working on commission, Sisa encourages the client to select from her wide
range of styles.  “We decide on the medium,” she says, “then I look at the space
and choose a beginning color palette from their décor. I give the client a general
idea of what I intend to paint, then I bring the painting to the client to approve
when it’s about 90% done. So far, I’ve never had to keep one.”

Most of all, Sisa enjoys the process of creating each unique piece. “The magic
happens in the accidents,” she says. “It makes me feel more like a vessel of
something bigger than me, a co-creator if you will.”

She believes the market in Dallas for her type of artwork is excellent. “I think
contemporary art will certainly continue to grow in popularity,” she says, “especially
with all the new high-rise lofts and condos being built that ache for fabulous
cutting edge abstract art.”
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joy by sisa jasper
turmoil by sisa jasper
Sisa Jasper - dallas abstract
by amy durham

“My fourth grade teacher, Ms. Nelson, changed
my life forever when she turned in one of my class
projects to a national art contest and I won,” says
Dallas artist Sisa Jasper. Since then, Sisa’s artwork
has appeared on “Queer Eye for the Straight
Guy,” has been featured in independent and
major motion pictures, hangs in over 20 hotels,
and is part of several private collections.
That Ms. Nelson sure knew her stuff.
Sisa considers herself an abstract painter, working mainly in watercolor and oil. “I
can paint anything and have done everything from portraits to landscapes,” she
says, “but I prefer abstract because I love the surprise factor. I’m usually just as
astonished at what comes out in the final product as anyone else.”

Her work is gaining in popularity as the interest in contemporary design in Dallas
increases. “Contemporary art has changed so much over the last 10 years with the
advancements of technology,” she says. “Some people argue that it’s not art if
hasn’t been physically painted, but I disagree and think digital artwork has
enabled artists to create some really interesting and original works. It’s certainly
expanding our concepts of art.”
Update on Sisa Jasper...
See some of her latest works featured
in the new movie  "PS..I Love You"

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Sisa Japer
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