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Shannon Niehus
"Both my paintings and sculptures are inspired by my interest in the
sciences of biology, economics and government. I explore where
these sciences intersect as well as how they impact each other."
Shannon Niehus started her love of art at an early age. Growing up in an
eclectic, yet intellectual, family gave her insight into many current topics,
issues and ways to express them.

After graduating from Texas Tech University, Shannon attended the prestigious
Pratt Institute in New York City where she received her master’s degree in sculpture
and then relocated to Dallas to begin her public artworks enterprise.
Shannon’s artwork is an ongoing sequence of contemporary pieces. Both the
paintings and sculptures were inspired by her interests in the sciences of biology,
economics and government. Shannon explores where these sciences intersect
as well as how they impact each other.

She explores how businesses need almost the same climate to grow and prosper
as fruiting trees – room to grow, the right conditions and nurturing, and the ability
to trade with outside sources.
Shannon’s artwork pushed these concepts further with her belief that the promotion
of individual rights and private property serve as the connections between all three
areas. It supports the concepts of capitalism and a free marketplace for ideas and

As you move through the series, you also see inspiration from the judicial system. These
pieces are completed with a polishing technique that strengthens the integrity of the
materials, much as judicial rulings strengthen the integrity of laws and the Bill of Rights.
To explain such a multidimensional argument, she uses multidimensional media.
Her Installation Art encompasses the use of architecture, site, sound, and
performance in addition to space and surrounding objects.

The oil on canvas paintings vary in size. The marble pieces can be placed
indoors or outside, and can be scaled to fit within the space available.
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Shannon Niehus Artworks, LLC
1430 Dragon Street, Suite 3
Dallas, Texas 75207
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