Shane Pennington recently
received the 2009 New Dallas
Nine Award at D Art Slam.  
The original Dallas Nine were
a special group of
experimental artists that
were leading exponents of
the regionalist movement in
the 1930s and 1940s.  
D Magazine and f.i.g. have
revived the spirit of the
original Nine with D Art Slam
2009.  Shane joins Pamela
Chance, Sunny Jacquet,
Jennifer Jones, David
Leonard, Rich Morgan,
Joshua Stone, Kathleen
Wilke, and William Young as
the New Dallas Nine and will
be featured in August’s
“Best of Big D” issue of
D Magazine.  
Featured Artist
Shane Pennington
original feature (posted September  2007)
Often, Shane Pennington’s subjects are skewed metaphorically and in size,
allowing the viewer to contemplate their own daily grinds from a different
perspective.  Using many mediums and textures from sculpture to digital
video, he enlightens us on our own humanity and the world around us.
Pennington’s current series, “The American Dream,” gives us a satirical look at
ourselves in pieces such as “Sweet Tooth” a 7 foot long Dollar bill made of classic
American candy, or “Space Bag,” a piece which places the subject matter of
perhaps the most iconic image of pop-art inside a vacuum sealed “Space
Bag”.  Pennington created this piece specifically for The Dallas Contemporary
Moving Forward! Fund.  “Bug Jar” or “Banyan” gives us a different introspective
of man and nature by creating and combining miniature tree sculptures,
preserving jars, and people.  In return they allow us to look at ourselves from a
distance and through the looking glass.
The Cedars Arts District is where Pennington currently lives and works.  
He has always been very attached to the area. He says, “I think the
Cedars is one of the most amazing areas for artists to live and develop
their works.  Over the last few years, all of the artists here have really
come together as a community.  You can’t help but feel the energy and
excitement for the arts in Dallas as well as the new additions to the
Dallas Arts District.”
Shane also received recognition in NYArts Magazine in the “Annual Guide
to the Internet:  The top 500 Websites in 2009.”  500 artists and galleries
were selected worldwide for inclusion in the magazine’s “best websites”
special directory.  
Shane has works exhibited internationally as well as nationally and is a big
support for our local Dallas Charities, including the National MS Society, Dallas
Children’s Advocacy Center, AIDS Interfaith, The Dallas Contemporary Wish!,
Human Rights Campaign Charities in both Dallas, TX and Washington DC,
Chase’s Place School, The Lamplighter School,  the North Texas Business for
Culture and the Arts, and the SPCA.  You can currently view his works at
Parigi, Chase Tower in the Arts District, or at his Cedars working studio.
Recent gallery showings include the HCG Gallery in Dallas, Texas and
the Paddington Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Sydney, Australia.
Shane’s upcoming show is the Texas Sculpture Association show at HCG
Gallery, which opens to the public Thursday, June 25 with an artist’s
reception from 6-9pm.  The show will be ongoing until mid July.

For further information on Shane or to view his artwork, please visit ww
© 2007-2008 - all rights reserved.                       
The Fern, l 72 x w 96 x h 24, Mixed Media, 2009
Carmen's Wish, Digital Video Mixed with Acrylic on
Canvas, h156 x w120in, Chase Tower.
Banyan, Tule, and Sunday, Mixed Media Wire sculpture, H 72 x w 18 in each,
Shane Pennington 2009.
The American Dream, h36 x w24in, Mixed Media
Sculpture, American Dream Series, 2008.jpg
Bug Jar Chandelier, h 72 x w 36 in, mixed media
sculpture, 2009
Bug Jar, h8 x w4 in, Mixed Media Sculpture,
American Dream Series, 2008
Sweet Tooth, h35 3/4 x w 84in, Mixed Media Sculpture, 2009.
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