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You would be forgiven today if you felt a little out of style because your “look” does not
include a pair of glasses, sunglasses or prescription glasses, but glasses worn either on
your face or tucked in the top of your shirt or jacket pocket. Wearing glasses, even
with nothing more in the frames than plain glass, is definitely a style statement and
every month it seems as if there’s another company jumping into the eyeglass
industry to provide more fashion forward options for all of us.
Krewe du Optic, a New Orleans based company, named after the costumed “Krewes” that roll through
At David Kind, you select three styles and their optician picks three sales based on
information provided and these are shipped to you for trial. The company also offers
clips—sunglasses to clip onto regular glasses.

From a styling perspective trying on frames at home without a commitment, to see how
the frames selected fit one’s face, and garner opinions from others, is a great option.  
There are multiple materials on offer, frames, shapes, and delivery methods. In order to
differentiate themselves, companies have also added compelling reasons to purchase.
Fetch, for example, a company founded by Ann Sacks, supplier of upscale tile for floors
and walls to the design industry, donates the profits of the company to animal rescue
organizations. offers a contemporary perspective in sales and marketing with transparency about
design, construction and manufacture, as well as information about artists and designers.

Not all online companies are able to support all types of prescription lenses, and many
people prefer an office where adjustments can be made on the spot and where there is
usually a wider selection on offer. Either way, choosing a glass to suit your face is no more
complex than selecting clothes to suit your body. Hmmm….

Costume departments and actors know that a different frame can accentuate certain
aspects of your face. Depending on your face shape, certain frames will make your face,
and the impression you give to others, appear softer, harsher, older, younger or even
smarter depending on the frame chosen.  Considerations such as hair color, eye color
and skin color are also factors in selecting glasses, and with plenty of choice in materials,
there are ever evolving options for an individual look.  Eyeglass websites offer guidance
on selecting frames, making the process more interesting than ever before.

It’s worth digging deeper into both online and bricks and mortar options to fully explore
all the glasses you need for every outfit. All major, and many minor, fashion brands offer
glasses as part of their licensing arrangements. And then, there’s the vintage option.  
Whatever you choose, and wherever you choose to buy them, the lower cost that
emerges in a competitive market enables fashionistas to own more than one pair of
glasses, instead glasses to suit every mood and occasion.  
Vintage glasses from the 1960s, worn by model “Twiggy”.

by Georgina Callan
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