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John Henry
"Structural Integrity"
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Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to announce the opening reception for John Henry’s exhibition
Structural Integrity on Saturday, November 18th, from 5-8pm.

One of the most influential living American sculptors in history, Henry’s career spans over 45 years
and numerous collections across the globe. This exhibition will feature some of his most pivotal
career works, latest studio creations, wall pieces, maquettes, signature bench series, as well as
photographs of his towering public sculptures that live permanently all over the world. The artist
will be in attendance at the opening reception, and the exhibition will be on view through
December 23, 2017.

Sculpture has the ability to affect people both physically and spiritually. Monumental public
sculpture can alter audiences’ feelings toward a space, a building, a park, a street corner; it can
evoke emotion, and bring joy, happiness, and an appreciation of art and architecture to people
who may otherwise bypass their surroundings reactionless. John Henry’s sculptures, both indoor
and outdoor, intentionally demand community engagement, creating emotional responses in
their viewers.

In the 1960’s, John Henry emerged as the leader of the Chicago Constructivists, a group of young
sculptors seeking to alter the Constructivist school and bring Abstract Expressionism into
architectonic construction. His career has been marked by efforts to bring awareness and
popularity to monumental public sculpture. One of his earliest shows was appropriately titled
Sculpture off the Pedestal in his determination to assign moral value, accessibility, and public
appreciation to his machined forms. As he accomplished this, his signature steel beams began
rising up to traverse the skylines of cities all over the world. Over the course of his career, he has
worked closely with other notable American sculptors like Steven Urry and Mark di Suvero, which
becomes evident to audiences in all three sculptors’ aesthetically similar styles.

John Henry is a sculptor, but his profound understanding of how to manipulate materials also
requires him to be a master engineer, architect, and constructionist whose conceptualization of
engineering solutions brings together design, technical challenges, and materials to create a
streamlined aesthetic. His creations throughout his career have become recognizable to viewers
all over the world, and his artistic style has become a visual vocabulary of its own. Henry is widely
appreciated for his strength of color, endless composition of angled forms, and uniqueness of
engineering. He is acutely aware of the subtle relationship of his forms to their space, and of the
broader relationship of sculpture to architecture. With almost 2,000 sculptures in his oeuvre, Henry’s
work is featured in collections all over the world, and he is represented by important museums
such as the British Museum, Smithsonian, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Dallas Museum of
Art, and the Chrysler Museum. Structural Integrity features Henry’s smaller-scale works, wall pieces,
signature bench series, as well as meticulously detailed maquettes for his large-scale public
sculptures and their accompanying photographs.

“Engineering problem solving is fascinating for me; it is part of my aesthetic process. I enjoy pushing
the limits of what is possible structurally, but becoming intimate with the principles of balance,
equilibrium, and the environment.”

– John Henry
John Henry | Chevron B | Machined Aluminium |
34 3/4 × 30 × 21 1/2 in