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Texas Modernists
featuring works by
Otis Huband, Mark Lavatelli,
Margaret Putnam and Dan Rizzie
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Roughton Galleries presents a new exhibit titled Texas Modernists, which features a dynamic
collection of works by four of Texas’ most important 20th and 21st century artists: Otis Huband,
Mark Lavatelli, Margaret Putnam and Dan Rizzie. The exhibit opens to the public on Wednesday,
April 5 and runs through Tuesday, May 30.

       “This is really a continuing adventure for us,” said Brian Roughton, the galleries’ founder,
president and director. “My wife, Kayla and I were familiar with Huband, Lavatelli and Rizzie,
but had never seen Margaret Putnam’s works until just a couple of years ago. We fell in love
with her. Her artistry blew us away. She had won just about every award possible and had
persevered through her ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease to continue painting. She was painting on
the day she passed.  She even made her own paper. So, we pursued learning even more
about her, located her estate and family and got to know them, as well. We are thrilled
to include her works in this new exhibit.”

       Texas Modernists reinvigorates the celebration of the galleries’ holdings. These active
compositions reveal a tangible energy and overpowering diversity, offering an insight into
each artist’s psyche. Visitors will experience a voyage of discovery as they journey through
the salon.

        Roughton Galleries is housed in a 1931 two-story Spanish Colonial which was designed
by renowned architects Foshee and Cheek, who also designed the renowned Highland Park
Village. The complex houses the gallery as well as the Roughton family residence, which went
through a three-year process of renovations, redesign and construction, resulting in the
charming urban retreat it is today.

Margaret Putnam