Revolutionizing modern lifestyles
by bringing stylish modern
exteriors to budget consumers.
by Lauren Liebowitz

Modern design has long been the territory of the well-to-do, though European
stores like IKEA have crossed the Atlantic to bring modern simplicity and order
to budget-conscious consumers. Thus far, commercially-available low cost
options are primarily restricted to interiors--furniture, light fixtures, and decor.
Enter Rocio Romero and her prefabricated LV homes, which seek to revolutionize the
modern lifestyle by bringing stylish modern exteriors to budget consumers. We haven't
seen this approach before in the U.S., but if you're looking to build your own home and
you want a striking modern exterior without having to pay an architect for custom work,
read on.
What's more efficient than prefab,
off-the-conveyor-belt housing? Rocio
Romero LV homes are delivered
flat-packed on a truck to your lot,
where builders assemble them and
transform them into a
budget-conscious mod aficionado's

Rocio Romero's three main principles
("simple, quality, green") uphold the
values of true modern design, and the
LV units would look at home in any
gallery of modern exteriors: clean lines,
crisp angles, floor-to-ceiling windows,
sleek metal siding, elegant yet
efficient interior details. The designer
boasts over-insulation and roofing that
blocks summer heat and winter cold,
so buyers should be able to expect
comfort, low energy costs, and an
environmentally conscious design.
Floor plans range from size-conscious studios (the 625 square foot LVM, starting at $24,950)
to three-bedroom family homes (the 1453 square foot LVL, starting at $42,950). Residents
of hurricane-threatened regions can even choose from two wind-resistant units.
Rocio Romero also offers a wide range
of customizable options to make your
home your own. Move the interior walls
around to make your ideal space and
reconfigure the rooms (we're envisioning
a spacious studio interior for the
artistically-inclined) or change the
placement of the exterior windows for a
full wall of glass and light.
Customizations are restricted in order to
preserve the design's structural integrity,
but as long as you stay within those
requirements, your home is your
canvas. Additional upgrades or
alterations can be made, but once you
move beyond the more basic changes,
you start edging into custom pricing
that moves the LV series out of its
budget-sensitive niche.
If you need more space, the LV units combine easily to accommodate your needs.
Multiple parts lock together for a two-story home or a sprawling complex that
accommodates your entire family. While this isn't quite the same as designing
your own home from the ground up, so many possible permutations give you
a surprising amount of freedom in developing your space.
Heidi and Ethan's Residence // LVL home //  Eureka Springs, AR Spring of 2008 //
Credit for photos below: Ethan
Jim and Rui's Residence // LVL Home on Basement // Elliott, ME - Fall of 2005 // Credit for photos below: Traci Roloff
Combining units opens up a range of add-ons specifically designed to put units
together. Go for a more unique look with the LVT tower add-on (style over
practicality, with an impressive presence), or give yourself a covered outdoor
living space with the LVC courtyard.
Rocio Romero has risen to fill a
previously untapped niche, and
we've yet to see how well her plans
will succeed, but the company's
website documents numerous
satisfied clients. If you're looking to
build your own home on a budget,
we suggest keeping an eye on her.

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