The Elegance of Simplicity
by Hardy Haberman
Menter’s firm, Robyn Menter Design Associates, based in Dallas, has created a
spectrum of striking interiors that all share the studied simplicity of minimalism with
a genuine sense of warmth and comfort.  Her travels across the world, particularly
her appreciation for Japanese style and culture, taps into the mind set of her
clients who are seeking to pare down and live less cluttered lives.
“I incorporate the combination of my life experiences into my design,
and I believe this sets me apart and allows for my interiors to be modern
and clean while still welcoming and inviting.”

Robyn also appreciates the kind of environment that compliments fine art.  

“Collectors of contemporary art are often more inclined to favor modern interiors
because they understand the architecture,” says Menter, “furnishings and
artwork are symbiotic.  It is important that one element does not
overshadow another.”
That balance is the key to
successful interior design.  
Menter also insists on
another important factor,

“Lighting is a critical element
to the overall design.  
Significant architecture,
interior details, refined furniture
and artwork will not be
successful without proper

Because her firm has a
registered architect on her
team they can offer turkey
services for both new
construction and remodeling
projects.  Either way,
controlling both natural and
artificial light is essential to the
successful execution of a
But no matter what the issue, any design must reflect a good deal of her
client’s tastes as well as her teams esthetic sensibilities.  Involving her clients
in the design process to better understand their tastes and lifestyles in important,
but not to the detriment of the finished product.

“At times a client will try to be the "designer", and while I want them to be
part of the experience, if they were able to do it themselves they would
not have hired a professional.” Mentor says.

“Occasionally, I have to put on the brakes.”
words, but that honesty has served
her and her firm’s
clients well and has resulted
in numerous very satisfied clients
and stunning designs.

Menter feels that good
designs often come down
to a few important elements. “You
need a functional space plan,
good lighting, interesting art,
furniture and accessories that
create a cohesive environment
that is appealing to the owners.”
Though it sounds simple, in
the right hands that simplicity can
produce genuine elegance and
outstanding modern designs.

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Architecture + Interior Design
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Dallas, TX 75207

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