RO2ART // MAY27 // 7-10PM
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1501 South Ervay, Dallas, TX 75215
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Ray-Mel Cornelius
Every Day
May 27 - June 24, 2017

Ro2 Art is pleased to present ‘Every Day,’ a solo exhibition featuring new works by local Oak Cliff
artist Ray-Mel Cornelius. The show will run from May 27 through June 24, 2017. There will be an
opening reception held Saturday, May 27, from 7-10 p.m. at Ro2 Art, located at 1501 S. Ervay
Street in Dallas’ Cedars neighborhood.

As in his past work, Ray-Mel Cornelius is concerned with reflecting on personal experience and
how that experience can be interpreted as both objective reality and the creation of an
individualistic mythology.  For his new series Every Day, the artist turns his attention away from the
rural and wilderness milieu of his prior work towards the urban environment that he encounters on
a daily basis.  In redirecting his focus, the artist fully explores the diverse Oak Cliff neighborhood
that has been his home for 26 years, representing its heritage, diversity, and charm with a
meticulously considered use of color, form, texture, and scale.

Ray-Mel Cornelius
Raised on a farm outside a small town in Northeast Texas, Ray-Mel Cornelius found the inspiration
of wide-open spaces and its inhabitants to be the catalyst for his work. Throughout his career as
an artist, he has continued to explore the environment around him as subject matter.

Ray-Mel Cornelius graduated with a degree in art from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M
Commerce) in 1977, and has lived in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas. While pursuing a career in
book and magazine illustration, he also created easel paintings depicting life as he had
experienced it. Cornelius began regularly showing this work in galleries in 2001.

Cornelius has had nine one-person shows and has had work in many group exhibitions, both juried
and invitational. He has taught graphic design since 1987 and is currently the division chair of the
Visual Communications Department of Brookhaven College. Ray-Mel Cornelius currently works and
lives with his wife Becky and their three black cats in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. They
also have a second home and studio in Taos, New Mexico.
Mark Ross
Life Works
May 27 - June 24, 2017

Ro2 Art is pleased to present ‘Life Works,’ a solo exhibition featuring new paintings in oil on canvas
and paper by artist Mark Ross. The show will run from May 27 through June 24, 2017, with an
opening reception held Saturday, May 27, from 7-10pm at Ro2 Art, located at 1501 S. Ervay Street
in The Cedars neighborhood of Dallas.

Mark Ross’ expressive paintings of the human form are created in the presence of his models. By
working with live subjects, rather than with photographs, Ross is challenged to focus in the
moment under the constraints of time and media. Painting predominantly in oils, either on canvas
or heavy weight paper, Ross has developed various techniques that allow him to achieve very
different results. When looking at one of Mark Ross’ paintings, one can see the artist’s process
come to life in his thoughtfully placed brushstrokes and active observation. His painterly style adds
a level of moodiness and movement to each still life portrait.


"Sister Hope"
"Reclining Nude"