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Rick Griggs
Rick Griggs is a native Texan now residing in Dallas,
Texas.  His visual career began in the culinary arts
and at an early age, became a noted pastry chef
in highly acclaimed hotels and restaurants.  After
20 years of culinary technique and intense interest
in design, decided to continue his visual journey
into the art world.  Translating his pastry skills into
fine art, decided that painting was a natural
progression and one he continues to explore and
relate to his earlier career.  Rick has shown in
galleries in New York, Miami and Dallas.    
My primary influences are nature and the “craft” of nature. Some of my pieces
have the organic fluidity of natural elements and others are more structured and
architectural. I paint, draw, stencil, and sand on applied layers of paint. My
process is a reaction based on the initial application of paint, color and design.
Rick has sold to private and corporate collections in
Dallas, New York, Boston and Miami, including individuals
of the “Top 100 Collectors” in the USA.
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