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Wild, Woven and Whammo
Venture onto the African plains
where giraffes gambol in long-
legged delight…  Hide in plain
sight camouflaging your
intentions…  Spin through a sub-
Saharan breeze in sheer ecstasy…  
Introducing Wild Side from
Perennials Fabrics.  This
extraordinary collection strikes off
in new directions at every turn, with
surprising patterns, inventive ideas,
and the high standards in style,
quality of manufacturing
and durability expected from
Perennials.  Another company
with its proud history would have
merely played on what came
before, but Perennials continues
to innovate and excite, even
while it adds additional fabrics
to its impressive back catalog.  
No animals were harmed in the design of these fabrics!  In bold, graphic
jacquard-woven designs, Wild Side takes its inspiration from the wild side
of the natural world with heavier fabrics that allow more color and depth
through the use of multi-color warp and weft layers
solution-dyed acrylic with the natural
weather-resistance of hemp, Grass
Cloth is a new texture available in six
colorways.  Resembling woven raffia,
Grass Cloth is the perfect companion
to the bold, graphic stylings of the
Wild Side.

Wildly exciting sheers are a big part of
the story this year, with a dramatically
expanded line of available styles and
colors in Perennials’ trademarked See
Sea casement fabrics.  Five styles are
offered in double width, a full 118”,
allowing for seamless application
when railroaded.  The unique cut
edge motif of Silhouette softly diffuses
light in this evocative casement.  With
the exception of the highly textured
Serengeti, all of the new sheers utilize
a finer construction, providing a more
refined look without sacrificing
stability.  The fashion-quality style of
these innovative new sheers, including
Smoothie, Symmetry, Safari, Scrunch
and Stripes, is suitable for indoors and
used everywhere stylish textiles are desired,
whether in the garden, on a yacht, around
the pool, and in any area indoors or out
where performance-rated fabrics are
desirable. Technically-advanced Perennials
Outdoor Fabrics are soil-, by a three-year
no-fade wTo view the collection visit
www.perennialsfabrics.comarranty; there is
never a need to sacrifice style for durability.
Tough stains like red wine with mild soap and
To view the collection visit

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