at the Museum of Geometric and Madi Art thru July 05
by Todd Camplin

After several trips to Dallas in the last few months, I was finally able to visit the Museum of
Geometric and Madi Art. I do love the place, and I think it is one of the best little museums
that I have seen out there featuring a specific style of art. However, since almost all the art
venues have moved out of uptown, I do have to go a little out of the way to see the
museum's offerings.  Even so, my visits usually yield something incredible and I think to
myself, "Why don't I come here more often?"
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no other artist. Well, I say that, but she comes out of a rich tradition of artists that have played
with the eye. Op artists Yaacov Agam and Victor Vasarely have great influence on her work,
but I think Feinstein takes this mode of visual experimentation and furthers the conversation
by layering, cutting, sewing, and working on Plexiglas. When I first encountered her work at
Craighead Green, I was impressed even though I only saw a few pieces.  Later I saw her work
in Houston at Anya Tish Gallery as part of a two person show, and then I was completely
stunned by her sculptures which captivated me. I couldn’t stop waking around the work
and peering down to see all the angles. This show at the Madi covers a wide range of her
work and I was impressed with the variety of approaches she has tried.
not completely unexpected. Feinstein’s piece titled Translucentrees is an installation that fills

Twisted  84" x 48" x 26" - 2012
Dimensions: 12.25" x 15" x 7"