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entire home, the watchwords here
are quality, detail, and head-turning
design that are both beautiful and
easy to live with. I have a passion for
the contemporary, but while I’m
always looking forward, I stay away
from obvioustrends.

I’ve always designed for what was
lacking in my closet, and it’s wonderful
to be able to apply this vision to the
home and how I want to live."
Ever since she exploded on the
fashion scene more than two
decades ago with her signature
“little black dress,” Miller has
inspired design revolutions.
Now, she brings that revolution
home, with an exquisite line of
furnishings produced in Italy by
expert craftsmen. Just like her
beautifully cut garments    
Nicole Miller - Fashion Couture to Furniture Couture
Over the decades there
has been an influence  
from the fashion industry
that has found its way into
the home.

There have been multiple
fashion designers that
have created wonderful
collections for the home
furnishings industry, but
when we came across the
Nicole Miller collection, we
were inspired by the crisp
lines, exotic veneers and
exclusive fabrics that make
up this magnificent collection.
highlighted by exquisitely drawn
prints, Miller’s design aesthetic —
contemporary flair meets classic
style —inspires her collection of
furnishings for the home.
Like the “little black dress” that
launched Nicole Miller’s career,
her furniture collection is
marked by the kind of iconic
design elements one would
expect to find in haute couture
for the home. Here, form meets
function in leggy and graceful
silhouettes worthy of any
The beauty of the Nicole Miller Collection is its ability to dress every room in fresh, new style. The beauty of
the Nicole Miller Collection is its ability to dress every room in fresh, new style. Whether you are looking to
furnish the living room, dining room, bedroom or an
An American born to a French
Mother, Miller was dually trained
at the Rhode Island School of
design and Paris’ Chambre
Syndicale De La Haute Couture.
RISD inspired her sense of freedom
and creativity, and Chambre
Syndicale a mastery of the
classical techniques of couture.

A total of 20 Nicole Miller
freestanding stores located
in major cities across the
United States and over 70 stores
carrying the furniture collection.
Nicole Miller Signature and Collection Apparel and  Accessories are also available at fine Specialty
stores and Nieman Marcus, Nordstroms, Saks and Bloomingdales. An exclusive range of home items is
available at more than 850 Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

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