2011 Juror, Marcie Inman, Director Irving Arts Center
at Craighead  Green Gallery through September 3.
by Todd Camplin

For eighteen years, Craighead Green Gallery has presented the unpredictable juried
show Texas New Talent.  Over a 1000 pieces were submitted from all regions of the
state, from ages 18 to over 70 years old.

The work includes photography, sculpture, painting, prints, and mixed medium constructions.
This year they invited Marcie Inman, Director of the Irving Arts Center to be their juror. Inman
picked 60 pieces for the show. The work ranged from realistic to abstract, but the main thrust
of the show was in the realistic persuasion.  I can’t write about all of the artists I liked in the
show, so I narrowed it down to Jenny Jones, Rachel Black, and Lori Giesler.
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Jenny Jones - Kick-Wheel - 24 x 49 - mixed media on panel
Jenny Jones’ painting, “Kick Wheel,” has strong, quiet, minimal spaces with a dog and
pottery wheel insisting for your attention. The detailed dog almost floats on the canvas,
where as the pottery wheel feels like a simplified graphic stuck to the surface. I feel as
if I am invading Jones’ memories or exploring a piece of her mind.  Though the work is
personal, the painting lends itself to input of one’s own memories and stories.

Rachel Black’s “Gathering,” is a hauntingly dark, grey mix media piece of a family get-
together. A nearly centered lady is highlighted through a treatment of color. The lady’s
expression and color illustrates someone that is out of place. I can easily relate to this
feeling of alienation at a family event. Like Jones’ painting, Black also reflects ideas
of memories that are not overly nostalgic. And Black’s skillful charcoal work blurs the
surface to give a dreamy cinematic feel.
Rachel Black “Gathering" (24" x 30" charcoal and oil on canvas)
Artist Lori Giesler continues her series of falling people in her painting “IFTP 9”. Giesler’s
technical realism is impressive, but the people and objects in this work really grabbed
me. I fetl like I was watching a Galileo experiment, because the legs, the bag, and the
child are all falling at the same rate. The black background only stresses the dark fate
for these characters.  The painting is beautiful, but sublime.
Lori Giesler - IFTP 9 (36 x 32   oil on panel)
The 18th year of Texas New Talent at Craighead Green Gallery runs through September 3.
Other artists included: Terry E. Adams, Sarah Halferty, Nathan Madrid, Joshua Banks, Ed
Hall, Abigail McLaurin, Awadh Baryoum, Steph Hargrove, William Messimer, Grant Billingsley,
Marshall Harris, Julie Michel, Stuart Hausmann, Ellen Rhodes Moore, Bernard Bortnick, Ben
Herrera, David E. Morris, Emily Brown, Amy Herzel, Aaron Munoz, Kelly Rae Burns, Erin Hinz,
Nicole Norton, Andrew K. Currey, Duke M. Horn, Ellen Orseck, Christopher DeGasperi,
Deborah Houston, Pavlina Panova, Caleb Dulock, Ellie Ivanova, Nicholas Parker,
Jessica Dupuis, Michelle Rahbar, Johnny Espinosa, Daniel Kanu, Daniel Rivera, Max
Fields, Merri Ellen Kase, Sarah Sage, Arthur Fields, John William Keedy, Jerry Skibell,
Natalie Galyon, Lucy Kirkman, Stacy Smith, MaryEllen Lacy, Lori Robertson Snyder,
Nicolas Gonzalez, Natalie Lambert, Jennye Stubblefield, Tommy Gregory, Alisa Levy,
Paige White, Whitney Hack, Sara Lovas, and Douglas E. Winters III.
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