Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
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Dallas, TX 75204
Feature Works
John Henry
April 28-July 23
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John Henry is known worldwide for his large-scale public works of art, which grace numerous
museum, corporate, public and private collections. His works are prominently exhibited in
many American cities and states as well as throughout Europe and Asia. In the Dallas area,
his sculptures may be seen in the Hall Sculpture Garden in Frisco, and in front of the Hall Arts
Building in the Dallas Arts District.

The geometric forms that have defined John’s work for more than forty years have their aesthetic
and historical base in Constructivism.  John received a Ford Foundation grant to attend the Art
Institute of Chicago, where he earned a BFA. He received an Honorary Doctor of Arts from the
University of Kentucky in 1996. He was a founding member of ConStruct, the artist-owned gallery
that promoted and organized large-scale sculpture exhibitions throughout the United States.
Some recent exhibitions include: OPEN 2007, Venice, Italy; Sarasota Season of Sculpture 4,
Sarasota, FL, 200

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