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Domiteaux & Baggett

Domiteaux & Baggett, a Dallas based architectural firm, creates spaces that
are stunning pieces of modern art - modern art you actually want to live in.
They have a long history in Dallas of creating homes that perfectly  reflect
the aesthetic of their clients. While you can often tell which architect
designed a particular building or a home, this is definitely not the case
with Domiteaux & Baggett.
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Why? They are totally focused on exploring their clients deepest desires, to find out exactly
what they imagine their new home or space will look like,and then make it happen - using
brick, concrete, wood,glass, and anything else you can think of, and more.

Domiteaux & Baggett love the idea that their homes all end up being so different. “We
get a big kick out of it” says Mark Domiteaux. Frankly, it’s obvious when you talk to him
that he also gets a big kick out of creating amazing spaces,which isn’t all that surprising
since as far back as he can remember all he ever wanted to be was an architect.

Kessler Woods Trail - photography by: Charles Davis Smith, AIA
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