by Julie Frith
Ever since I was a child, I have always had an admiration for Alexander
Calder and his art mobiles and paintings. After personally viewing his work
in museums and art galleries around the world, I was intrigued by his
balance of shapes and design with the added "fun" feeling as I watched
the mobiles move in space. I started making mobiles in the late 1960's for fun
as a kid. I have learned to make my own style of mobile art:
I work with a plastic medium that I have found to be light in weight, colorful and
very durable. Calder made his mobiles with metals, I felt as a woman this was
too heavy for me to manipulate. I also felt plastics were clean, fun to look at,
modern and different.

Every mobile is made by hand one at a time, and not mass produced or
computer laser cut. Each petal piece is chosen by hand, cut, hand sanded
and beveled (edges of the plastic) and then buffed to a shine (my husband
Brian "the master polisher" helps with this part). Polishing the edges takes time
and with skilled expertise, resulting in fine artisian quality craftmanship, made
by hand, one at a time, and never mass produced. I hand drill holes, hand
form all stainless steel rods, cutting and balancing all by hand, matching
exact measurements to one of my designed artworks.
My plastic and stainless steel combination is perfect indoors or out -
they are rust free and weather durable.

Every mobile or stabile is able to be colorized even resized to match
your room's decor. So feel free to ask for anything you are thinking,
smaller, larger, different designs ideas, etc.
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