Featured Artist
Miryam Prodanovic
"My work considers behavior as landscape. Navigating a visual rhythm with line, shape and
color, I am exploring how a range of movement becomes a crowd"

Brooke Berman Gallery
170 Lesli Street B
Dallas, TX. 75207
Tel. 214.827.7211

Miryam was born in Texas, raised in Dallas by parents of Czech and Colombian origin
along with two sisters and attended University of North Texas (Denton, Tx) and
received a BFA Drawing & Painting, Minor of Anthropology.
Miryam's drawing is informed by the spectrum of terrain and climate seen in
North and South America, Europe, Russia and the backyard. Training in dance
and music fostered my creative will, respect for subtlety, and understanding
of discipline.
I have followed Miryam's work since spotting a painting in a group show two years
ago. "For me, this is my most highly anticipated opening.

Miryam's work strikes me as organic and true and I am continuously intrigued to
see how her view of nature and the world around her translates through her
craft". Brooke Berman - Gallery Owner.
enormous mountain with pilon
brown tectonics
further not forward
what is too much... what is too little
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