mighty fine arts
419 N.Tyler between 8th and Davis St.
Gallery hours are 12:00 to 5:00 Saturday and Sunday or by appointment:
"Para Normalites"
featuring new work by
Andy Don Emmons.
June 28 through Aug 02
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Robert Hamilton "Meet the Fun Time Wranglers" 96x84x108 paper mache, wood, cardboard, paint
Mighty Fine Arts presents "Para Normalites" featuring new work by Andy Don Emmons. This show
opens Sat. June 28 and will run till Sun. Aug 2.
The work of Andy Don Emmons scrapes the ecto-plasmic surface of the banal and conventional
as rendered by "anonymous" thrift store painters to uncover a conspiracy of mystery. His
investigative perusals reveal an alternate cosmos, alien sensibilities simmering and suggesting
beneath consciousness. Mr.Andy Don, fearless of personal jeopardy, has chosen to exhibit his
findings in a rare showing of his discoveries. His intentions are clear, we are not alone! but
through his artistic vigilance we might liberate ourselves from the perils of the unknown!

Also that night catch a Wordspace sponsored 1st time in Oak Cliff performance by
"Unconscious Collective" featuring Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez and Gregg Prickett who
will attempt to translate the energy of the Cosmos into the aural realms of the quotidian!