Joyful exuberance and seemingly chaotic energy - Michael Osbaldeston displays mastery of his
unusual technique, painting with both hands.  Large laughs echo through the wooded valley where his
serious work is expertly created.  Whether sitting for a portrait or visiting his studio, an outsider
immediately is made to feel like a special friend and the artist is at once someone with whom you could
share your deepest secrets.  One is reminded of childhood hideaways, where imagination ran wild with
fantasy.  Osbaldeston is a warm and welcoming host, whether at his studio or in the gallery, openly
discussing his work and describing how he creates his stunning masterpieces.

"I like to create something more to look at," says Osbaldeston, with the emphasis on "more,"  "I call it
Baroque Abstract Expressionism."   As incongruent as that sounds, it is an accurate description of this
unique style.  His huge oil paintings are dramatic, colorful and exhilirating.  Close viewing of his stylized
portraits reveal each few square inches is a small abstract painting, but step back and the portrait
Osbaldeston’s unique and generous paintings are the current exhibition at Mutt Gallery in Deep
Ellum.  Large dimensions and thick, nearly sculptural paint create environments that can engulf
the viewer in an alternative world -  like walking into a mandala.  Osbaldeston’s large abstract
oil paintings, giant portraits and flower drawings maximize color, materials and subject. The stylized
Dallas skyline landscape adds to the variety of this show.   

“Wherever three on more different colored strokes come together a human like character forms.   
The paint anthropomorphizes.  This only happens with human gesture and could never happen
by machines,” explains Osbaldeston. “Each time these human gestures meet there is a new
creation.  I try to create something new and beautiful to stimulate the senses and imagination.”    
The works are complex, layered paintings that with more study, unfold more depth and wonder.  

Simultaneously calming and exciting, the works stimulate the mind, and create animated
dialog with the viewer and with each other.   “It just makes me smile to be around the work,"
one gallery visitor commented.   The work captures the artist’s energy and genius of technique.
It is worth the investment to meet this artist and experience these works in person.


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