MARY TOMAS GALLERY // OCT14 // 5.30-8.30PM
1110 Dragon Street
Dallas, Texas 75207
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Ellen Soffer 2. Happy Things, acrylic on white linen,
12.625” X 17.75” X 2.5”,

JFK - A Fractured Reality
A Solo Exhibit Featuring Artist Leslie Lanzotti

OPENING RECEPTION | Saturday, October 14, 2017
From 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. | Mary Tomás Gallery
1110 Dragon Street, Dallas 75207

JFK–A FRACTURED REALITY, a solo exhibition by contemporary painter Leslie Lanzotti mounts at Mary
Tomás Gallery on October 14. For more than a decade, Leslie Lanzotti has explored the many
theories and controversies surrounding the JFK assassination. For her exhibition at the gallery,
Lanzotti has created over 40 paintings curated by notable Fort Worth artist, Dennis Blagg.

Leslie Lanzotti explains, “The act of applying paint to a canvas and creating something that
endures through time intrigues me.” When Lanzotti was six-years-old President Kennedy was
assassinated and she recalls the deep sorrow and loss Americans felt. Later in her career an article
by author Robert Groden about the assassination controversies triggered a visceral response.
Intrigued by the photos of the motorcade, the people and the glittering harsh November light her
artistic investigation surrounding the assassination began. “Lanzotti’s way of depicting renowned
people or events in her paintings present a narrative point of view. Her work often utilizes abstract
methods combined with a touch of photo realism to allow the viewer to decide the artist’s intent,”
says gallery owner Mary Tomás.

Dennis Blagg is a champion of Leslie’s work and has written several articles about its historical
relevance. In addition, Blagg has curated several of Lanzotti’s JFK exhibits, most notably in Fort
Worth at FWCAC in 2014 and the Longview Art Museum in 2016. He observes, “Leslie is no
newcomer to the subject of the JFK assassination. Her painting style utilizes a combination of text
and visual images that are painted on multiple canvases and pieced together as a single work of
art. The text adds a narrative element about one of America’s most controversial historic moments.
Many works in the exhibition will seem familiar to those who witnessed the reports on television,
newspapers, and magazines of the times. This body of work represents our nations darkest hour
and a crime that would become one of the most hotly debated events of our time.”

Exhibition through November 11, 2017