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The artistic visionary of Botanical
Art, Mami Ogata, is a Tokyo native
who has resided in Dallas since
1993.  Mami got an early start in
her connection to growing things
having spent many of her younger
years living in the Japanese
country side and by the ocean
south of Tokyo. She has always
been aware of having a keen
attachment to nature
and studied to become a teacher
in the Sogetsu school of Japanese
flower arranging (ikebana).  The
training, experience and
development of the ikebana
aesthetic is evident in Mami’s work,
effectively sculpture created from
flowers and natural materials.
Mami worked for 8 years in the floral design business before
starting her own company, Botanical Art, in 2003.  She currently focuses on
special occasions, weddings and on transforming spaces into the visions of her
clients that meet their business or personal objectives
Mami is competently assisted by her husband JD Driscoll with a degree in
theatre and a resume including 7 years at the Dallas Theatre Center under
designer Eugene Lee and 6 more years with Dallas celebrity stage designer
Peter Wolfe. JD brings set design, lighting and construction expertise to the
business. Between the two of them, they can achieve just about anything
a client wants to do with flowers to create an environment
Mami can accommodate a broad range of floral design work, but is mostly stimulated
by avant guarde experimental designs and does not hesitate to bring interesting
lighting into the mix to create a desired effect, or to design original containers of
stone, bamboo or Plexiglas to set off her materials and truly create original designs
for her clients. Mami thrives on the interaction with her clients and the challenge
of creating original designs with natural materials that invoke the aura and mood
her clients want to establish in their space or at their event.
To view more of Mami’s work,
please visit the website:

1330 Hi Line Drive Dallas, Texas
photography credits:

MJ Cardenas Photography

Scott Metcalfe Photography



Anne Silverman Photography
Tulips in GlassTubes
Pine Needle Wave
Bridesmaid Bouquet
Fan Bouquet
Botanical Artist
Mami Ogata
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