separating is never easy but with LOFTwall,
they make it fun and exciting..

LOFTwall is a sleek - slim line design with a modern aesthetic.
Comprised of aluminum frames and customizable panels for anyone facing
the challenge of dividing space. Each of the panels can be removed,
customized, and repurposed to suit changing tastes and the latest trends.
LOFTwall divides space and can create privacy to create a more functional environment,it's
perfect for open spaces such as studios, lofts, open offices, retail and multi-use environments.
LOFTwall provides over 20 different
panel material options from
transluscent, wood weneers, fabrics
and specialty options. In addition,
LOFTwall has completed their
development on new "Design It
Yourself" (DIY) self adhesive
infill panels. “It is a very simple
solution to let anyone create their
own unique infill panel for
LOFTwall with any kind of roll
(fabric) or paper material (wall
coverings),” explains Steve Kinder,
founder of LOFTwall.

In about 10-20 minutes customers
can create their own fabric
covered panels without the hassle
of adhesives or glue. Simply source
your cover material, cut it a little
oversize of the panel, peel
the liner from the face of the
board, adhere the fabric and then
trim the edges. “It is a very green
solution when compared to using
aerosol adhesives that release
harmful VOC's into the
environment,” says Kinder.
Create your own Design A Wall Online is an online tool that allows you to customize your own
LOFTwall. The Design A Wall Online Designer allows you to choose between different frame
options that are 4’, 6’ and 8’ wide and select your infill options. “We created the Design A
Wall interface to let visitors create their own unique design and see the cost in real time, after
choosing the frame and the infills, the cost is calculated immediately,” explains Steve Kinder,
founder of LOFTwall. “The possibilities are almost endless” added Kinder, allowing visitors to  
have over a million different LOFTwall design options.
8' wide wood and translucent infills
8' with orange fabric, white and translucent infills
6' Alum. frame with black, white and translucent infills
4' Aluminum Frame with modern wall covering on
Self Adhesive infills
4' Wood Frame with
translucent infills
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