Liliana Bloch Gallery
2271 Monitor Street, Dallas, TX, 75207
Kristen Cochran:
Architectures of Aspiration (r.i.p.)
October 14 - November 11
Architectures of Aspiration (r.i.p.) is Kristen Cochran’s first solo exhibition at Liliana Bloch Gallery.
In this new body of work, Cochran continues to explore notions of labor, laboring and liberty
through works that playfully remix and ultimately retire the tools of our various trades. States of
effort and ease, constraint and freedom and gravity and lightness co-exist in works that
examine aspirational endeavors and the structures that support or impede their fulfillment.

Kristen Cochran moved to Texas from the Pacific Northwest to complete her MFA at The
Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in 2010. She has exhibited
in the Pacific Northwest, Texas and New York, and has works in private collections in
Italy and England.

Kristen has exhibited extensively in Texas at venues such as Talley Dunn Gallery, Oliver
Francis Gallery, CentralTrak, Barry Whistler Gallery, Liliana Bloch Gallery, RE gallery,
Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Dallas, Eastfield College, The Dallas
Contemporary Museum, and at Women & Their Work and Blue Star Contemporary for
the 2011 and 2013 Texas Biennials respectively. She has been awarded residencies in
Long Island City, NY, Mittersill, Austria, Banner, Wyoming, and Baylor Hospital's Arts in
Medicine program at the Sammons Center for Cancer Research in Dallas, Texas.
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Untitled (Six Flags sunset), 2017, shirt tag,
2.5  x 2.5 inches