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Dallas Design District gallery, Laura Rathe Fine Art (LRFA), announces the exhibition “From Within,”
featuring new works by noted contemporary artists, Sydney Yeager and Udo Nöger, with an
opening reception on Saturday, April 1st from 5-8pm.

Although they explore divergent techniques and mediums, together the artists share an interest in
exploring abstract forms that appear to organically emerge both from within and upon the
surface of each canvas in surprisingly unique displays of color and light. “From Within” will be the
Dallas gallery’s first presentation of works by both Yeager and Nöger. The exhibition will be on view
through May 6, 2017.


Born in Germany and based in San Diego, Miami, and Geneva, Switzerland, Udo Nöger is widely
known for his luminous abstractions created in a seemingly infinite range of white and silvery gray-
scale tones. Nöger’s goal is to “open up the canvas,” exploring “space and the endless possibilities
of what’s underneath.” Composed of three or four layers of tautly stretched canvas between
which the artist carefully embeds painted gestures and cut-out forms, his works enable light to
travel in and around these elements revealing ethereal images that appear to glow from within.

The paintings of Sydney Yeager navigate the space between control and abandon. In her recent
work, the Austin-based artist paints more directly with little possibility of revision. Her forms reveal
the artist’s fluid gesture and the unique qualities of her medium, exploring oil paint’s sensuous
weight and viscosity. Yeager also maintains an interest in fragments. Hovering in fields of delicate
wash or unprimed canvas, her interwoven brushstrokes coalesce into contingent wholes that
simultaneously seem to collapse into their component parts.
Michael Laube, ‘55-16,’ 2016, Acrylic on
acrylic, dimensions variable

From Within
April 1 through May 6, 2017

Sydney Yeager