by Design Within Reach
Designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin
Wehmann, this 9'x13' structure redefines
conventional prefab with its proprietary
clamping system that makes installation
quick, economic and practically waste-free.
What also caught our attention about
Kithaus is how it can tuck into any area,
even remote locations, without needing
ultra-heavy equipment. All of the lightweight,
anodized aluminum pieces are pre-cut
and drilled in Southern California and
shipped to you for on-site assembly.
Installation is fast, taking only a few
days, and Kithaus is built with
eco-friendly components.
Wondering where you can use Kithaus?
How about anywhere you need a fully
insulated, pre-wired comfortable space.
In addition to the physical structure, DWR
offers furnished packages that have been
space planned for maximum functionality.
The complete Kithaus, including decks,
canopies and louvers, is $44,900. (A base
model is available for $29,500.) Prices do not
include shipping, tax (if applicable) or
installation. A solar package is available.
Kithaus is available exclusively through
Design Within Reach.
For more information or to place an
order, please contact Dow O'Neal
at at
Deneb Workspace furniture package available
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