designed by: Gamadecor
The G575 kitchen by Gamadecor combines oukola wood with the solid surface from Systempool
and has marked a milestone in kitchen design due to its use of Krion®.

It is an innovative model in terms of design and is defined by the contrast of textures and colours
and a composition dominated by straight lines. The most surprising feature is the sliding worktop
which can hide the sink and cooking area when it is not in use. available at:

designed by: Kai Stania
A designer kitchen with height-adjustable worktop.
Worktop, table or bar – the k7 cooking island is everything: the worktop of the k7 cooking island
can be infinitely adjusted in height from 74 to 114 cm at the push of a button. In the lowest
position, with retracted fitting and covered sink, the k7 cooking island looks just like a sideboard.
This makes the k7 cooking island ideal for open living areas comprising the kitchen, dining and
living room.

Sit comfortably on bar stools or
chairs: the worktop can protrude
on the long or short sides. The k7
cooking island is completely
without handles. All drawers,
doors and wall unit flaps in this
designer kitchen open
conveniently at the merest
touch and close gently with
cushioned self-closure.
available at:
Diesel Social Kitchen
Sleek Italian kitchen designer Scavolini and fashion brand Diesel have teamed up to create something
called the "Social Kitchen". The result is a marriage of vintage and raw looking industrial
details to create ultramodern kitchens for the cool set.

According to the collaborators the collection is “based on the idea that the kitchen should become
not just a room in which to cook and eat, but a space for gathering and relaxation… With comfort
in  mind the furniture pieces are finished in vintage materials.” Glass, steel, concrete and weathered
wood are the principle components used.
Thanks to Diesel’s visibility with the fashion client around the world, and Scavolini’s much admired
aesthetic in the design world, this collaboration is an opportunity to reach a broader audience
for both companies and share their creative vision. available at:

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designed by: Giancarlo Vegni
Designed by Giancarlo Vegni, the line brings
Italian luxury into the kitchen. The custom
cabinetry is produced in Florence by master
artisans using a large, single piece of solid,
mature chestnut timber. Each carefully
selected piece is seasoned and
weathered before undergoing the multiple
steps of production. Only a few numbered,
signed models are made by hand each
year. Distinctive and everlasting, 100%
Wood is emblematic of Effeti’s passion
for perfection, great attention to detail
and exceptional craftsmanship.
available at:


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designed by: Dante Bonuccelli
Vela is pure technology, but with discretion, a
certainty at the centre of a home. With Vela,
unity  is a keynote in the design of surfaces. It’s
all there in the continuity of its panels, in the
delicate  pattern of its dividing lines.

Doors are a mere 12 mm thick, slim to the point
of imperceptibility. Technology is cutting edge
but discreet and includes an intriguing new
mechanism that allows doors to swing open. In
the new version of the collection, handles have
become a graphic feature emphasizing the
horizontal lines of the surfaces and underlining
the horizontal lines of the worktops.


Countertops present slender, overlapping
lines that conceal the manufacturing
technology. As thin blades, low thickness
aluminium shelves succeed in giving to the
whole composition a feeling of horizontal
orientation without a smooth transition,
where ergonomic Futura wall units first
stand out as a revolutionary project and
then as a reference for the development
of following models. Wood panelling coats
the vertical surfaces.

PaneIing materials include Eucalyptus
essence, skillfully crafted with a horizontal
grain, and a new selection of tough and
tactile high- pressure laminates.
available at: