Profile of Karen Kitowski ASID
by Deb Silverthorn
A graduate of California State Sacramento, Ms. Kitowski studied art
and business, with a specialty in design.  A lover of all things
contemporary and modern, Ms. Kitowski’s clients can be assured
there will always be a twist to her work and that no space will
ever be duplicated.  “My work always falls within the guidelines of
what my client wants,” said Ms. Kitowski, who’s lived and worked
in Dallas since 2000.  “But I enjoy implementing the unexpected.”

Among Ms. Kitowski’s favorite jobs was the remodel of a guestroom
into a dreamspace master bath.  For the office of her longtime client,
US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, Ms. Kitowski selected
lipstick red carpeting, patterned with gold stars, and lacquered red
walls.  “The office is still traditional,” said Ms. Kitowski, “but it has
humor and a sense of surprise.”
“Some of my clients know exactly what they want, and others are vague and
trusting of whatever ideas I’ll bring them,” she said.  
“I’m always sure to have the spaces meet the personality and mood
that they are looking for.”
Ms. Kitowski not only matches mood and personality but personal
features and coloring as well.  “I always pay attention to the shape
of my client’s face and their eye color with regard to materials and
furnishings I use,” she said.   

Ms. Kitowski, is an Uptown resident involved in A.W.A.R.E.
(Alzheimer’s Women Association for Resources and Education)
and the Kidney Foundation.  She’s received many awards from
The Ashley Publishing Group (1st prize Living Room, 1st prize Study,
1st prize Decorative Glass & Mirror, 2nd prize Master Bedroom,
2nd prize Bath Design); General Electric (National Best Use Of Low
Voltage Lighting); Woman's Day Magazine (National 2nd prize);
Heritage Cabinets (National Best Old World Kitchen Over 150 Sq. Ft.);
and the California Council of the Society of Registered Architects.
She has been published in LUXE, Dallas Home Design, Dallas Morning News, Best of
Lighting Design, Better Homes & Garden, Northern Calif. Home & Garden, Today's
Home, Showcase of Interior Design, Home Book, Window Fashions, San Francisco
Chronicle, and Sacramento & Peninsula Magazines.  She was featured on a
California interior design TV series and a nationally syndicated cable TV program.

Registered in Texas, and certified in California, Ms. Kitowski has spent more than 40
years designing residences, model homes, ski shops, shoe stores, clothing stores, dry
cleaners, executive & judicial offices, medical offices, & restaurants in Texas, the
San Francisco Bay area, Malibu, Sacramento Valley, Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Idaho,
Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Utah, and Washington D.C.
Karen Kitowski & Co., Inc.
Karen Kitowski’s designs are
a long way from the childhood
drawings she made using playing
cards as templates,
and the furnishings are significantly
more elegant than those in her
beloved dollhouses, but the love of
color, of creating beautiful spaces,
is something that has been with this
Sacramento native for as long as
she can remember.

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