The RISE Project
Dallas Photographer Joshua King
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The RISE project created by Dallas Photographer Joshua King has taken
its direction from the South Dallas Cedars Artists that have helped inspire
the book. ‘RISE’ is a project intended to raise Dallas’ knowledge of its
community of artists  residing here in the Cedars South Dallas
Shane Dale Pennington
“Art is like a rollercoaster. We can all take
the ride. Art gives us our highs and lows
without moving our feet.”
Jen Rose
Jen gets much of her inspiration from
medical texts and collections of anatomical
drawings. She simplifies the anatomical
drawings and then creates patterns by
rhythmically tessellating the image. The images
that result are reminiscent of wallpaper
or fabric designs.
Jeff Hogan
What Jeff does is make stuff. Whatever you
need made, he makes it. For example, gigantic
Christmas tree bases like those used
in commercial settings at shopping malls
and office buildings. Stuff for the lobby at
Bellagio in Las Vegas. He made the base
for a public Christmas tree in New York
City. And he makes just about anything
else you might need in the way of large
scale, outdoor displays.

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