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JM Gallery is pleased to present a collection of porcelain assemblages by Linda Gossett. Starting with
a curious cache of found objects, Linda recasts and playfully reassembles her material into talismanic
figurines that appear both familiar and absurd. Mass-produced, plaster tchotchkes become refined
collectibles in the style of 18th-century European ceramics—refined but nonsensical, as hands emerge
from birds’ breasts, shoes grow out of a duck’s head on a deer’s body, and children’s legs run away
with an eagle. This is an imagery of contrast meant to challenge our preconceptions. Where we
normally expect to see cheap plaster knickknacks, we see light, fragile porcelain; but then, where
we expect to see elegant subjects, we see new forms of absurdity and incongruity. With such contrasts,
Linda questions cultural values—what do we value, what do we desire, and where does the desire
for possession enter the conversation? As she explains, “I offer my art as a springboard for the

This exhibition is presented in partial fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts in Art degree at the
University of Dallas in 2017.

Gossett's work will be on display at JM Gallery from April 22 through May 6.
The Glittering Gateway to Distinction
Untitled - Africa