JM GALLERY // JULU 01 // 5-8PM
JM Gallery at One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street, Suite 106, Dallas, TX
Tuesday - Saturday
12pm - 6pm or By Appointment
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Join us this summer as we look back and enjoy a collection of works that explore meaning through
abstraction. Doug Gray’s avian forms reduce nature to its essence in both shape and spirit. Arranged
in groups, these ceramic birds portray—and evoke—human emotion, as they confirm the enduring
power of human connection in the face of adversity. Johannes Boekhoudt similarly distills a range of
emotions in his black and white drawings. He attacks the paper with forceful, aggressive lines, some
of which coalesce into self portraits of an artist in a passionate struggle to find his place in the world,
while others reveal a seemingly inescapable conflict between rich and poor, rulers and ruled, the elite
and the common. In contrast to the explosive, spontaneous strokes of Johannes’s works, the lines in
Kenneth Burris’s drawings are finely drawn and meticulously detailed. The images they convey,
however, are no less expressive and no less powerful. Kenneth presents urban landscapes that
combine realistic imagery (skyscrapers, power lines, satellite dishes) with fantastical details (pyramids,
thorn trees, fishermen) that force us to question how we perceive our own “real” worlds. Each of these
artists shares an ability to see past the surface and to express the essence of his subjects.