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Acclaimed glass artist Carlyn Ray and her team work in a mysterious medium—molten sand, at the
temperature of lava, formed with one’s breath, hand, and gravity into delicate, crystal forms. Glass.
It can transmit or reflect light; it can be solid and strong or thin and fragile; it can outlive us for hundreds
of years or break in an instant. Formed at volcanic temperatures and blown into beguiling shapes,
Carlyn’s glass works capture both the magic of the medium and the passion of its creators. Her
distinctive forms include large-scale weavings made from rippling strips of colored glass woven
together by metal and wire; illuminated panels; flowing collections of crystal ribbons; vessels;
chandeliers; and much more. But no matter the form, each piece is full of light and energy
and has the power to transform space with its brilliant, shimmering colors.

Carlyn is the lead designer, artist, and owner of Carlyn Ray Designs. At a young age she discovered
an unrelenting passion for glass and a desire to be involved in community art projects. After receiving
her BFA from The College of William and Mary, she trained with various master glass artists around the
world, including Dale Chihuly, for whom she worked on project management, scheduling, glassblowing,
and managing the daily activities in the hot shop. She has also worked at the Corning Museum of Glass,
where she worked alongside other master artists creating works and educating the public about glass.
Carlyn has now come full circle to build a multi-talented team with a focus on creating large-scale
custom projects for and with the community.