JM GALLERY // AUG05 // 5-8PM
JM Gallery at One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street, Suite 106, Dallas, TX
Tuesday - Saturday
12pm - 6pm or By Appointment
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JM Gallery is pleased to present works by Ron and Michael Heinlen, father and son photographers who
look for the extraordinary hidden within the seemingly ordinary. Ron’s camera is his constant companion,
and he collects images from around the world. Many of his photographs capture everyday city scenes—a
man eyeing produce in a Boston storefront or a pair of beggars in Beijing—that appear fleeting, but reveal
a sense of the shared humanity we too often forget. Michael finds beauty in ordinary and decayed forms,
like the graceful lines and shadows of telephone wires or the suggestive patterns of crumbling concrete and
broken glass in an abandoned building. He photographs common objects that we may “see” but that
remain unseen, re-visioning them into novel forms and exposing the grace that surrounds us. Whether by
memorializing the routine or by shifting perspectives, both father and son focus on the commonplace and
elevate their subjects.