at Croft Gallery through october 26th
by Todd Camplin

It was a homecoming for Jennifer Leigh Jones to have her show at Waco's Croft
Gallery. She went to Baylor for her undergraduate degree and this is her first solo
show in central Texas. If you have been to a Jungian therapist, taken a few
psychology classes, or find yourself reading a dream interpretation book then
you might have some tools to analyze this "Free Association" show, but then
again; I might be over thinking these paintings.
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One thing is for sure, these are deeply personal stories Jones has made. The paintings leave the
brown surface of the wood panel to act as a dream like space. Your mind can easily wander
through this simple minimal area, but then personal memories of objects and animals begin
to populate the work. There is a juxtaposition of objects that makes you wonder, “what is she
thinking?”.  I want to draw my own story, but I am compelled to ask her for some clues. So,
although this is representational art, you still get the feeling you are in a world of abstract
painting language. Jones extends the life of the Surrealist type art, without repeating or
directly referencing the past masters.

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Confetti Troll, pastel, acrylic, oil & prisma on panel, 28x22”,
One wonderful thing I thought happened at the opening was, Jones got to talk at length with one
of her undergraduate professors. I joined in the conversation a bit and I could tell she had earned
the respect of her professor. I think central Texas is getting a real treat by her visit. And I urge you to
take a drive down to Waco and visit the Croft Gallery to see Jennifer Leigh Jones’ solo show
which is up until October 26th.
Revisit, acrylic, charcoal & pencil on panel, 32x24.5”, 2012
Such a Pill, acrylic & oil on panel, 25x33”, 2012

Clown & Quilt, acrylic, oil & prisma on panel, 24x24.5”,