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Jane Troyer
"The subconscious is the director.  And, the paintings are worked out
consciously dealing with composition, color shapes, and line in mind."
Her technique is a complex one due to the fragility of the medium.
She uses tempera and gouache, both water-based mediums, on a wet
canvas while using the constant flow and movement of the paint as a
dance in which she harmonizes shapes, colors and rhythms,The process
allows her paintings to carry over into her subconscious bringing forward
a string of memories while she paints.
Altruism - Homage to Neda 34 x 50
Listening to music is an additional inspiration she has taken up again,
as it can relate to painting.  Listening to it, Jane finds great delight in
the created sounds and arrangements.  "It's  healthy to focus on it
intently and catch the creativity in sound and this gets translated into
a pictorial frame of mind."
On the Brandenberg - Concertos Bach 2 - 36X60
Jane Troyer graduated with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude`, from  the
Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University. After suffering
a stroke several years ago, she rededicated herself to her true passion and
studied at Brookhaven College School of the Arts,  where she overcome
the effects of the stroke and retrained her mind to use the left side of her body
to create her works of art.
The final piece and its bold shapes and colors show the transparency of the
water-based medium and allude to their temporary nature.  However, in
order to sustain the medium, Troyer has devised a sophisticate technique
to maintain the transparent quality but prevent it from becoming fragile.
Abstraction with Cherry on Top 36 x 36
Jane L. Troyer
Dallas, Texas

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