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Featured Artist
James Hastings
The human figure is present in all of my work.  Sometimes the figure  serves as
a starting point for compositions that go completely abstract, while in other
images the figure is the subject.
In the abstract work I always begin with a figure drawing, and work off of
the lines.  I like for the paintings to look active, and to present the viewer
with visual cues that move the eye throughout the work. I do my best  
not to think about the end result, but to instinctively respond to what
is happening as I paint.  
Red Bird Abstraction
Last Moments
That’s not to say I don’t step back  and consider the direction of each piece,
or its compositional  integrity, but I’m usually a few hours into the painting
before I allow that sort of decision making to take place. When the work is
more representational, it is driven by a narrative.   Usually that story has
some personal significance.
As with the abstract work, the representational pictures are drawn out
freely, and without too much forethought, which, at times, means a
figure may intentionally be out of proportion, and/or have additional
limbs or animal parts in place of hands or bodies.  The images usually
become an appropriation of reality and memory, but my hope is
that they stay true to the underlying narrative.
The Babushka and the Cupcake
Beautiful Dance


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