the Joshua Tree
by Christine Ricciardi

Joshua Rice began his career in
architecture and interior design
long before he knew the concept
of a resume. As a child growing up
in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he was bizarrely
talented with Legos and exceptional
when it came to putting pencil to paper.
These days, Rice uses those innate skills
to not only decorate  living rooms and
dining areas, but  also craft original
pieces he envisions inside the spaces.
Rice reconnected with his artistic side in college and graduated from Texas Christian University
with a degree in interior design. Fresh out of school, he joined the elite team at bodron+fruit
where his appetite for modernism grew into full-fledged passion. In 2007, Rice split from
bodron+fruit to found his own business, Joshua Rice Design, Inc., which operates in Dallas.

As an art & design collector, esteemed professional, husband and father, Rice is a busy
man. He recently took a few moments to talk with moderndallas about his principles as
a designer as well as the draw of modernism. Here are excerpts from that conversation.
photography by: charles davis smith
photography by: Justin Clemons
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What prompted you start your own business?

Over the last 15 years, I have developed an extensive knowledge of decorative art, classic
modern design, and furniture. Especially in terms of the collectability and the value of such
items.  I wanted to not only design spaces, but to work with clients to curate an impressive
collection of furniture and design objects to fill those spaces.
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