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Using nature as their foundation, Stone Forest creates functional sculptures crafted from thick slabs
of sustainable hardwood. Handcrafted using mortise and tenon joinery, their designs emphasize
the natural or outer edge of the tree as well as other unique characteristics, including burls,
knotholes and naturally occurring checks/cracks. In order to create a sustainable product, Stone
Forest mills small growth trees and laminates the planks together to create the appearance of a
large slab defined by old growth. The slabs contain a mix of heartwood and sapwood, with
resulting variations in light and dark grain. Each Stone Forest product reflects the individual
qualities of the tree from which it was made, making each piece one of a kind.
Wood L-Slab Pedestal

An excellent example of how Stone Forest uses the “live” edge of tree bark, the L-Slab
Pedestal embraces the unique knotholes and imperfections of the tree in its natural state.
Simultaneously rugged and delicate, the wooden L-Slab Pedestal infuses the bath with
artistic natural patterns. Available in 30″ and 32″ heights with butterfly joints to prevent
separation, the pedestal pairs perfectly with the bronze zen vessel and urban vessel in
multicolor onyx.
Wood Console

The beauty of the Wood Console reflects the exquisite eye of the designers who
individually select each plank to be included in its construction. Incorporating the
natural edge of the tree, this console can accommodate two sinks for a unique
bathroom vanity or be used as a side table to add subtle flair to any room.