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The Corrispondenza collection of handmade tiles was inspired by a collection of old, folded and
yellowed letters that had been preserved like origami artwork. A collaboration between Ceramica
Bardelli with Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of Dimore Studio, Corrispondenza is a collection of tiles
for use on floors and walls, made from white glazed stoneware and hand-decorated by Ceramica
Bardelli. Corrispondenza is a kaleidoscope of soft tones with cool hues that embrace warm tones
and delve into both dusty and bold color palettes. The collection is comprised of interior floor and
wall tiles, offered in white glazed stoneware with a matte finish, composed of seven entirely
hand-painted decorations and supplied mixed. The range is completed by six hand-painted solid
colors, perfectly coordinated with the decorations.

Ceramica Bardelli
Newest Collections

As the importers and distributors of the finest European products for more than 125 years,
Hastings Tile & Bath knows a thing or two about tile. They’ve recently begun importing two
new collections from the always evolving master ceramicists Ceramica Bardelli.

Hastings’ new Palladiana collection of handmade tiles is a collaboration between Italian tile
masters Ceramica Bardelli and Studiopepe. Palladiana is a combination of micro-patterns and
color nuances, brought together within one porcelain stoneware tile. Studiopepe meticulously
selected the color palette. Palladiana comprises delicate tones – soft hues that are able to
interact with the furnishings without overpowering them. There are four color families: light grey,
anthracite grey, beige and a polychrome version featuring pastel hues. The collection is
completed by three decorated versions of the same tile, offered in grey, beige and black and
designed to further enrich the versatility of this flooring element. Available sizes include 60×60 cm
and 60×120 cm with 10.5 mm thickness, as well as three matching decorated porcelain tiles sized
60×120 cm with a surface enriched by a fine, contrasting, structured cross-hatching. The items are
produced in six different designs, which are different every time. The collection is completed with
two plain variants in beige and grey.

Ceramica Bardelli