RBDG - Client Project
Starpower Project
RBDG - Client Project
“A large theater screen flanked by multiple flat screens has become a popular
choice,”says Daniel Pidgeon, CEO of Starpower Home Entertainment Systems,
Inc.  The additional  screens create an immersive multimedia experience and
offer families simultaneous viewing capabilities.
Chuck Chiles of Russ Berger Design
Group has seen an increase in home
theaters used as audio listening
environments and performance
venues. “We are currently designing
a home theater in Southlake,” says
Chiles, “that will also feature a
spectacular music listening
environment, includinga super
subwoofer system that is built into
the room’s architecture.”  
Most designers suggest a dark windowless
room for a home theater, but Chiles recently
designed a room that broke several industry
rules.  “The walls and seating are all white,”
says Chiles. “That is ‘wrong’ because it shows
too much reflected light from the screen, but
the arresting aesthetic effect was too much
fun to pass up.”

The space also includes windows and door lights.
“At movie time, we use blackout shades to
control the light and sliding panels to control
unruly acoustical reflections. Now, the room has
luxurious light and great acoustics.” A custom
clad stainless steel door with an azure blue
window  rounds out the design.
Some families are even turning their home theater into poolside entertainment. However, poor
picture quality and bad acoustics make this a less popular investment.
The Gear                

“The great thing about gear is that each year, performance gets better while prices go down,” says Chiles.
“While the latest gimmicks and gadgets are often times of limited value, solid picture quality, audio fidelity,
ease of use – these are the things that you should invest in.”

“Wide screen is a must have,” says Purcell. “Go with the HD screen and the HD projector.” You can
get a great one for under $4,000. “Always use a fixed screen when you have the option,” continues
Purcell, “and no walls should ever have a painted-on screen.”

Trust the experts when it comes to sound quality too. “You can achieve a great theater experience
from even the least expensive speaker system if it is installed properly,” says Pidgeon. “I have seen
very expensive equipment, installed poorly, that doesn’t sound as good as our least expensive system.”

Overall, have fun when designing your home theater. Chiles says it best: “Sleek and modern can
be great fun when done with boldness and passion.”
Modern Media
Creating a Contemporary Home Theater
According to John Purcell, General Manager of DFW Media Rooms, the home theaters on shows like
“MTV Cribs” cost as much as $100,000. Fortunately, a quality media room can be had for far less.

The Trends

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