The Swankiest Dogs in Dallas
sleep in comfort!!
and eat in style!!!1
Holden Designs Modern Dog Bed
The swankiest bunk for your deserving friend. The Holden dog
bed is for the design conscious pet owner. Designed and
created by architect and dog lover, Jon Wesley Rahman.
The Holden Pet Bed is a sleek, close to the ground, bent-
plywood platform shape to encourage nesting for
dogs and cats. The Holden dog bed comes in walnut finish
and is available in one size. Add a sheepskin or Rani Arabella
cashmere throw for warmth and ultimate comfort. Made in USA.
Size: 27.25" L X 22" W X 11" H
Finish: Walnut
Holden Single Feeder
The Holden Single Feeder is the
perfect height for the pooch
that isn't petite but not quite
big enough to run with the big
dogs. This modern masterpiece
is available in a walnut and
cherry finish and uses the
material efficient ply-bent
process--molding each piece
from a single piece of plywood.
Size:  12" X 9.5" X 6"
Finishes: Walnut, Cherry
Holden Double Feeder
Finally a raised feeder you don't have to
hide when you have house guests. Call it a
modern masterpiece, your dog can enjoy
the health benefits while you enjoy its
sculptural beauty. Holden Designs uses the
material efficient ply-bent process – molding
each feeder from a single piece of plywood.
Made in USA.

Sizes: Small (19.5 x 6 x 4")
Large (24.5 x 9 x 9")
Finishes:  Walnut, Cherry
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