Out of the Dark into the Blue
plaster, burlap, string, wire, oxides
48 x 23 x 20 inches
Gallery 422 at The Workroom
422 Singleton Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75212
Located in the new Trinity Groves area of West Dallas
Hours:  Wednesday though Sunday, noon to 5 pm
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The Tragic Sense of Self
April 6 -29, 2017
Haley-Henman proudly presents Jill Nonnemacher's solo exhibition of new sculptures, titled The
Tragic Sense of Self.  Her sculptures express "unsaid feelings" and the emotionality of discomfort,
fragmentation, fear, corrosion and the ugliness of life.  She delves into the depths of self in terms
of horror, trauma and tragedy.  These sculptures are for us--to experience them in personal and
universal ways.

Nonnemacher makes surfaces that are unfinished, blemished and scared.  There are distortions
and deteriorations.  The sculptures are contortions that invite us to enter the interior spaces of
self as a way of seeing and feeling.

Collectively, the exhibition references western civilization from the time of Greek tragedies that
told of war, psychological trauma, abuse and loss, but also how out of tragedy comes peace,
courage, and alliances.  Nonnemacher challenges us to confront the tragic sense of self and
offers hope in the rebirth of being whole and human.