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Brenda McKinney
In Danger of Extinction
October 5-28, 2017

A conversation with the artist: Saturday, October 14 at 3pm.
In Danger of Existence - Mixed media on board,
48×48 inches
This interactive installation includes her paintings, fiber collages,sculptures, and other mixed media works.
this exhibition represents an assemblage of her interests with a keen focus on our natural world. McKinney
gives the viewer a ritualistic context as a way to contemplate the meanings of extinctions within our
natural world.

Indeed, her paintings of threatened animals, particularly mammals, provoke sentimental feelings of
“cuteness” of furry and cuddly pets. When we gaze into their eyes, it seems we can also see ourselves. And
that is the issue we must confront: the current levels of extinction among vertebrates include humans.
McKinney’s In Danger of Existence exalts the beauty of life by color and form. She rejects nihilism and the
prevalent styles of death and destruction. She offers variations on the mandalas as a path for meditation
and contemplation on life, beauty, and changing conditions.

By celebrating our biological diversity, McKinney encourages our stewardship to conserve and protect the
natural world. However, the irony of losing dozens of species every day is that humans have sped up the
process through habitat destruction for agriculture, especially with the use of pesticides and other polluting
inputs, the spread of non-native
species, and global warming, among other behaviors. In this regard, McKinney brings our attention to the
reality of extinction as a part of nature that is dynamically changing. The question she raises is how do we
understand these changes in terms of sustainability and the evolution of life.