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Ondine Viñao & Melkorka Korkimon
by The Goss-Michael Foundation Curatorial Fellow, William Henry Farrell
14 August - 7 September 2017
The Living Other, 2014, 37x40in, Photopolymer Gravure Etching on Paper
Signed edition of 20 + 6 A/P’s
The Goss-Michael Foundation is pleased to present our Spring/Summer 17 Curatorial Fellow, William
Henry Farrell. Intersection is a two-person show featuring Icelandic artist Melkorka
Korkimon and New York artist Ondine Viñao.

Farrell has brought together this debut series of new works from two female artists that span
photography, sculpture, film, and collage.

Farrell explains Intersection as a direct play on the short film from Ondine Viñao and the
construction of Melkorka Korkimon’s collages. It is the student curator’s interpretation of two
people on seemingly different paths, meeting in a singular location through a shared, stylistic
vision. This cerebral encounter illustrates how both artists channel similar themes yet, represent their
own unique and personal vision. Through Farrell’s introduction of Viñao and Korkimon to Dallas, he
has created his own intersection between three cities, two continents and, two artists.

Viñao is particularly concerned with America’s comfortable standard of living and attitude
towards the environment, in which, she feels everyone indulges. Her short film, Kentucky, brings the
viewer into the paradoxically peaceful experience of contemporary American life. Shot from the
window of a car, Viñao captures everyday scenes illustrating the minuscule steps being taken to
address climate change while admittedly contributing to the problem herself.

Her photographic work draws from the history of auteur-filmmaking and documentary
photography to construct stories that are both snapshot and formalized narrative. These images
express moments experienced in solitude and an exclusion of belonging or intimacy. Viñao
captures her themes through a shared experience with her subjects, traveling to unfamiliar
environments where both are strangers. Her work is a commentary on the social view of women
and how they are expected to project themselves in society.

Born in 1994, Ondine Viñao lives and works in New York. She received her BFA with a concentration
in video art from NYU Steinhardt in 2016, graduating with the Artistic Practice Award. She has
exhibited in the US and abroad, including the inaugural show of ClearView.ltd in London, Labs
New Artists exhibition at Red Hook Labs in New York, The Institute of Fine Art’s Curatorial
Collaborative show at Rosenberg and Commons Gallery in New York. Forthcoming projects include
a residency at Chandelier Creative’s Mermaid Ranch in East Hampton.

Korkimon’s collages are sourced from magazines; it is her belief that an intimate understanding of
a person can be gained through their magazine collection and give an intimate insight to the
components of their identity. This ideal inspires Korkimon to create a cast of curated characters as
human forms which are revealed through the use of negative space or directly to the viewer.

Korkimon is unapologetically introspective when creating her work. Her creative process is an
extremely personal experience. Her sculptures‘…are born - not made’; the materials used are
objects which are reminiscent of particular places and people close to the artist. Cement and
wax are common textures used by Korkimon and are representative of her mother and
hometown. The sculptures are self-described as ‘dysfunctional objects of uncertainty.’ Ultimately,
these objects are situated in a confused state of perpetuity, a common theme through the artists
complete body of work.

Born in 1995, Melkorka Korkimon lives and works in Reykjavik, Iceland. She received her BFA from
Sarah Lawrence College and studied at the Iceland Academy of Arts. She has exhibited at 99¢
Gallery, A*Space in New York and has had commissioned projects for streetwear and fashion
brands in Iceland
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